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Collection: ELLIS-1
Front caption: Postal Card. United States of America. Postage One cent 1943-McKinley-1901.
Date: c. 1907
Description: John W. Linck was elected Mayor of Tacoma in 1908, and left the office in 1910. He was married to the former Eva K. Buchanan in 1896. This postcard is believed to be about the remodeling of their home at 817 No. J Street in Tacoma, once owned by pioneers John and Virginia Mason.
Subjects: Mayors--Tacoma--1900-1910; Remodeling--Tacoma; Historic buildings--Tacoma; Pioneers--Tacoma;
Address (Links to Buildings Index): 817 NO. J ST.
Message: June 19th 1907 Dear Eva: As they get along everything seems to go more slowly. They haven't the shelf stone yet for the mantle. The brick work is going up and is now to the second story floor. They will commence on your fireplace today. I thought I could use one of the old hearths but the pieces of one will not work into the other and some of each are broken and to try to fix up and arrange the old combination would cost more than it is worth. Besides many of the old pieces are rubbed and worn and the whole thing would look patched. The plate rail in the dining room will be a beauty. My room has to have two more coats of paint before I can go into it. Most of the upstairs where they can get to it has one coat of paint. The hall all looks white. They have gone over the bathroom and have primed all the woodwork on the outside. The trimmers finished putting on the downspouts yesterday. I am writing in the kitchen while Emily is getting breakfast. I got some kidney and had it sliced into sandwiches with little pieces of bacon. The men are coming to work and I want to get out amongst them, and I have just been scolding Emily for not getting breakfast sooner. Breakfast is ready and Emily is impatient so I will close. Love to all (I have no paper) Kiss the babies--Daddy.
Addressee: Mrs. Eva Linck E. Main St., Madison, Indiana.
Postmark: Tacoma, Wash. June 18, 1907 4:30 PM; Madison, Ind. June 20, 1907 7:30 PM
Category: Homes and Subdivisions
Format: 8 x 14 cm.   b&w drawing postcard
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Dates: Created: 2/5/2009 12:33:28 PM - last edited: 2/5/2009 2:18:37 PM

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