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Front caption: Two's Company Three's a Crowd
Date: c. 1910
Description: A young boy sitting between two young girls on a bench.
Subjects: Boys; Girls; Benches; Hats; Ribbons;
Category: Just for Fun

Front caption: Birthday Greeting A very Happy Birthday, and when you cut your cake Please cut a little piece for me, For good old Friendship sake.
Date: c. 1917
Publisher: C. S. Clark Co. New York
Printer: Printed in U. S. America
Notes: Series No. 39
Description: Young woman in bright shawl and festive hat, knocking on a door decorates this greeting card. In addition to colorful flowers on the front of the card, there are drawings of birds, ribbons and flowers on the back.
Subjects: Girls; Flowers; Birds; Correspondence; Doors & doorways;
Category: Holidays and Greetings

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