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Front caption: Carnation Milk Products Co., Mt. Vernon, Wash.
Date: c. 1917
Notes: 50247
Description: The Carnation Milk Company began in Kent, Washington in 1899 as Pacific Coast Condensed Milk. Deciding the product had to have a brand name, founder Elbridge A. Stuart decided on "Carnation" after seeing an eye-catching store cigar display featuring a beautiful red carnation. This building in Mount Vernon, a condensery, began operation in 1906.
Subjects: Milk; Factories; Cows--Washington;
Category: Other Cities and Towns

Front caption: Pacific Coast Condensed Milk Co., Kent, Wash.
Date: c. 1917
Description: When the Washington Condensed Milk Company went bankrupt in 1899, it was bought out by Elbridge Amos Stuart, who re-named it the Pacific Coast Condensed Milk Company. Later, Stuart re-named the company once again as the Carnation Milk Company. A portion of this building still exists in downtown Kent.
Subjects: Dairy products; Milk; Historic buildings--Kent;
Category: Other Cities and Towns

Front caption: No. 28. Swift Packing Plant, Caldwell, Idaho.
Date: c. 1942
Description: Caldwell began as a construction camp for the Oregon Short Line Railroad. The city was established in the late 1800's and named for Senator C. A. Caldwell, president of the Idaho and Oregon Land Improvement Company. Pictured is the Swift & Company Milk and butter fat receiving depot and creamery in Caldwell.
Subjects: Butter; Agriculture; Farming; Packaging; Milk;
Category: Other States

Front caption: Wilson Bros Lumber Works, Aberdeen, Wash.
Back caption: Wilson Bros Lumber Works. One of the large lumber manufactories of Aberdeen having an annual output of 56,000,000 ft. of lumber.
Date: c. 1910
Publisher: Publ. expressly for P. O. Pharmacy and Book Nook, Aberdeen.
Printer: Made in Germany.
Notes: No. 153
Description: The Wilson Bros Lumber Works was one of the large lumber concerns in the Aberdeen, Hoquaim and Cosmopolis areas. The Wishkah Mall presently sits on the site.
Subjects: Lumber industry; Waterways; Harbors--Washington; Mills--Washington;
Category: Other Cities and Towns

Front caption: Gosh no, lady--I'd go broke that way!
Date: c. 1950
Distributor: Smith's Scenic Views, Tacoma, Wash.
Notes: F. Zinn
Description: Milkman rejecting payment offer from woman.
Subjects: Commerce; Milk; Business & finance--Tacoma;
Category: Just for Fun

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