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Front caption: Cedar Stump Residence, Washington.
Date: c. 1915
Publisher: The Lowman & Hanford Co., Seattle.
Notes: 1103.
Description: Wonderful cedar stump home with a window and chimney and well shingled roof. Three well-dressed men are pictured as well, which gives a good indication of the size of the residence.
Subjects: Tree stumps; Men--Clothing & dress; Grasses; Chimneys;
Category: Homes and Subdivisions

Front caption: Ezra Meeker as Frontiersman.
Back caption: Oregon Trail Monument Expedition Post Card Born Dec. 29, 1830; migrated to the Oregon country summer of 1852; farmer; father of the hop industry of Washington Territory (now State); pioneer in Exporting Pacific Coast hops; spent four winters in London; and five years in searching out and recovering the lost Oregon Trail; never sick in bed for sixty years; always lived in the open air; never drank intoxicants nor experienced a rheumatic pain; active and hopes to live to be a hundred years old, Good Night.
Date: c. 1906
Publisher: Ezra Meeker, Seattle, Wash. Made in U S A
Notes: 25.
Description: Ezra Meeker standing proudly before the camera, dressed in buckskin clothing and holding an ornate rifle. Meeker was a Pacific Northwest pioneer, businessman, politician, historian, and advocate for the commemorization of the Old Oregon Trail and its travelers.
Subjects: Pioneers; Frontier & pioneer life; Men--Clothing & dress; Rifles; Paths & trails--Oregon; Meeker, Ezra, 1830-1928;
Category: Pioneers

Front caption: Ezra Meeker
Back caption: This typical suit shown in the illustration was quite common in the early fifties on the Northwest Coast, but has long since been discarded under the changed conditions of life in that region.The abundance of game, coupled with the incentive to procure food and the love of adventure, gave an abundant supply of the buckskin both for clothing of the body and for the moccasin foot-wear, so common in pioneer days. Difficulty was often experienced by the pioneers in getting cloth for raiment, and frequently the buckskin took the place of the home-spun or the more conventional "store goods".
Date: c. 1906
Publisher: Ezra Meeker Room 1214, 35 Nassau St., N.Y. Series A., Oregon Trail Monument expedition, Series B., Indian Chiefs of the Northwest, etc., Series C., Monument expedition with Map, Series D., Sights from the ox wagon.
Notes: 1 The Ezra Meeker Historical Post Cards for schools, libraries, the home, and collectors.
Description: A grizzled-looking Ezra Meeker sitting sideways, wearing buckskin clothing and holding a rifle over his shoulder. This photo is part of a series of postcards Meeker sold to finance his efforts to place commemorative markers along the Old Oregon Trail.
Subjects: Pioneers; Frontier & pioneer life; Rifles; Men--Clothing & dress; Meeker, Ezra, 1830-1928;
Category: Pioneers

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