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Front caption: Tacoma, Washington
Back caption: Tacoma, Washington Panoramic Telephoto view of Tacoma from the freeway overpass and top of Pacific Avenue. Commencement Bay (in the background) is one of the finest deep harbors in the world and enables Tacoma to be one of the busiest ports on the Pacific Coast.
Date: c. 1970
Distributor: Distributed by Smith-Western Co., Inc., Tacoma-Portland
Notes: CT-859, ICS-106391C, Color by Kyle S. Smith
Description: View of the downtown business district looking north. Prominent buildings include the County-City Building on the far left, the Medical Arts Building (now the Municipal Building) behind the lower light post, and the Schoenfeld Furniture store on the far right beyond Union Station.
Subjects: Business districts--Tacoma; Aerial views; Light fixtures--Tacoma; Historic buildings--Tacoma;
Address (Links to Buildings Index): 747 MARKET ST.; 1717 PACIFIC AVE.; 930 TACOMA AVE SO.; 1423 PACIFIC AVE.
Category: Downtown

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