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Front caption: Mount Tacoma from Commencement Bay, Tacoma, Wash.
Date: c. 1910
Notes: A-8394
Description: Mount Rainier featured prominently in a night sky from Commencement Bay.
Subjects: Rainier, Mount (Wash.); Commencement Bay (Wash.); Night--Tacoma; Houses--1910-1920;
Category: Mount Rainier

Front caption: Wilkeson, Wash. How would you like to go boat riding here?
Date: c. 1910
Description: Residents stand at the Wilkeson railroad bridge looking at the damage caused by the flood of March 1910. Wilkeson was named in 1877 for Northern Pacific secretary Samuel Wilkeson, and incorporated in 1909.
Subjects: Floods--Wilkeson--1910-1920; Houses--1910-1920;
Category: Other Cities and Towns

Date: c. 1912
Description: House belonging to Melvina Coffield, located at 6447 So. Alder St. in Tacoma.
Subjects: Neighborhoods--Tacoma--1910-1920; Houses--1910-1920; Porches--Tacoma;
Address (Links to Buildings Index): 6447 SO. ALDER ST.
Category: Homes and Subdivisions

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