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Northwest Postcard database: keyword search "Historic buildings--Canada"     (new Postcard search     About this database)
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Front caption: Post Office, Victoria, B.C.
Date: c. 1910
Publisher: Valentine & Sons Publishing Co., Ltd. Montreal and Toronto.
Printer: Printed in Great Britain.
Notes: 102,921.
Description: Photo of the Old Post Office in Victoria, B.C., located on the northwest corner of Government Street and Humboldt. A banner hangs above the front entrance, and horse-drawn carriages and pedestrians are passing by.
Subjects: Post offices--Canada; Historic buildings--Canada; Architectural elements;
Category: Canada

Front caption: Stanley Park, Vancouver
Date: c. 1908
Publisher: J. Howard A. Chapman, Victoria, B. C.
Notes: 1711
Description: View from dock looking towards an ivy-covered building at Stanley Park. Captain George Vancouver first explored the peninsula area where this park is located in 1792. At the time, it was largely inhabited by the Squamish people. In the 1860's, the area was used as a military reserve before being designated as a park in 1886 by the Dominion of Canada. The park was named after Lord Stanley, Governor General of Canada. Today the park covers over 1,000 acres, and is the third largest city-owned park in North America.
Subjects: Parks--Canada--Vancouver, B. C.; Historic buildings--Canada;
Category: Other Cities and Towns

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