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Date: c. 1906
Description: The ladies are adorned with wonderful ornate hats and dresses, and the men are also dressed formally in this photograph. A large American flag is draped on the wall behind the table.
Subjects: Flags--United States; Hats--1900-1910; Dresses; Tableware;
Category: Miscellany

Front caption: July fourth. Hoquiam 1911.
Date: c. 1911
Description: A parade celebrating Independence Day features an elaborately decorated car with an abundance of flowers and a blossom and ribbon crowned deer's head. Flags are draped across the deer and flown from both sides of the car.
Subjects: Parades & processions; Flags--United States; Flowers--Wash.; Automobiles;
Category: Fairs, Parades, Expositions, Clubs and Events

Front caption: Tacoma High School and Stadium, 4,000 School Children forming a Flag.
Date: c. 1923
Publisher: Published by Leland Lund, Tacoma, Wash.
Printer: Made in U.S.A.
Notes: 115. A-11825
Description: Built in 1909 and dedicated in 1910, Stadium Bowl and the surrounding hillsides and fences reportedly held as many as 60,000 people for events held there in the early 1900's. Modern capacity is 15,000.
Subjects: Stadium High School (Tacoma); Stadium Bowl (Tacoma); School children--Tacoma; Flags--United States;
Address (Links to Buildings Index): 111 NO. E ST.; 211 NO. E ST.
Category: Stadium High School & Stadium Bowl

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