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Front caption: A 60 Ton Humpback Whale 60 foot long, 45 foot around.
Date: c. 1912
Notes: 462 Copyright C. L. Lewis Cosmopolis, Wash.
Description: Men standing around and on a very large whale in Cosmopolis, Washington. Cosmopolis is a small city in Grays Harbor County. The Chehalis River runs parallel to the main drag, and the area is well known for its sturgeon fishing and its ties to the lumber industry.
Subjects: Fishing industry--Washington; Logging industry; Fishermen--Washington; Aquatic animals;
Category: Other Cities and Towns

Front caption: You should have seen the one that got away...
Date: c. 1970
Distributor: Distributed only by Smith-Western Co. Inc. P.O. Box 1573, Tacoma, Washington 98401
Printer: Printed in Ireland
Notes: 2CG 226 CT-20 John Hinde Curteich Inc.
Description: Whimsical take on the fishing here in the Tacoma area.
Subjects: Fishing--Washington; Canoes--Washington; Fishermen--Washington; Publicity;
Category: Just for Fun

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