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Date: c. 1906
Description: The ladies are adorned with wonderful ornate hats and dresses, and the men are also dressed formally in this photograph. A large American flag is draped on the wall behind the table.
Subjects: Flags--United States; Hats--1900-1910; Dresses; Tableware;
Category: Miscellany

Front caption: "Livin' High" in Yellowstone National Park.
Date: c. 1910
Publisher: Published by Scheuber Drug Co. Livingston, Mont.
Printer: Printed in Germany
Notes: Frank H. Leib, Salt Lake City, Utah is lined out.
Description: Rather sophisticated campsite complete with livestock and besuited "supervisor". One woman looks to be starting a fire--another either cooking or doing laundry.
Subjects: Camping; Fire; Trees; Horses; Dresses;
Category: Just for Fun

Front caption: Wind Mountain and Submerged Forest, Columbia River.
Back caption: Wind Mountain and Submerged Forest Wind Mountain and Submerged Forest are on the Washington side of the Columbia River and are plainly seen from the Columbia River Highway
Date: c. 1916
Publisher: Chas. Lipschuets Company Portland, Oregon
Notes: 321. R-62032
Description: Thought to have been formed as a result of an earthquake and the subsequent landslide, the trees in the submerged forest were visible from the highway until the completion of the Bonneville Dam project in 1938.
Subjects: Dams; Columbia River (Wash.); Forests; Mountains;
Category: Lakes and Rivers

Date: c. 1908
Description: Picture of a very happy baby toddling along a boardwalk.
Subjects: Wooden sidewalks; Children; Dresses;
Category: Miscellany

Front caption: Spirit Lake and Mt. St. Helens, State of Washington
Back caption: This card is furnished for convenience of men in the armed services by the Washington State Progress Commission, P.O. Box 907, Olympia, Washington. Write the Commission for any information desired about the state or for Victory File for use in planning your first after-war vacation.
Date: c. 1939
Description: A fancy picnic for a member of the Armed Forces, on the shores of Spirit Lake with Mount Saint Helens in the background. Notice the dresses, high heels and the table and chairs made out of stumps.
Subjects: Military life--Washington; Military personnel 1930-1940; Picnics;
Category: Military

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