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Front caption: Meal time at Rainier National Park, Washington
Back caption: "I hope there is some left for me." Early spring at Paradise Lodge, Rainier National Park, Washington. The bears are just out of hibernation and very hungry.
Date: c. 1930
Publisher: Pub. by H. W. Rothermel, Tacoma, Washington
Notes: 17, 127089
Description: Bears being fed at Paradise Lodge. Where at one time visitors and staffers alike fed the animals, now such behavior is not only frowned upon--you can get fined $100 for feeding any wildlife. As a National Park Service brochure states, "It may take just one experience for an animal to learn that people equals food."
Subjects: Rainier, Mount (Wash.); Bears; Paradise Lodge (Wash.); Snow;
Category: Animals

Front caption: "Say Buddy, could you spare a dime?"
Back caption: Park Panhandler at Work A friendly but very dangerous welcoming committee at many of the beautiful Western National Parks. Tourists are warned it is illegal to feed the bears--no matter how cute they are.
Date: c. 1955
Distributor: Bob Anderson Postcards, 885-5th Ave. W.N., Kalispell, Mont.
Printer: Plastichrome by Colourpicture Boston, Mass. 02130
Notes: A Color Vu Card Creation
Description: A bear looks for handout from tourist, likely at Yellowstone National Park. Although feeding of bears was prohibited, the rule wasn't rigorously enforced until implementation of the intensive bear management program in 1970, brought about by increasing numbers of people/bear conflicts.
Subjects: Bears; Tourists; Automobiles; Food;
Category: Animals

Front caption: Washington Native Bear Cub
Date: c. 1940
Notes: Ellis 391
Description: In Washington, black bears live in a diverse array of forested habitats, from coastal rainforests to the dry woodlands of the Cascades’ eastern slopes. In general, black bears are strongly associated with forest cover, but they do occasionally use relatively open country, such as clearcuts and the fringes of other open habitat. Black bears can take up residence in small dens, some scarcely bigger than a garbage can. Den sites include tree cavities, hollow logs, small caves, and areas beneath large roots, stumps, logs, and rural buildings. They’ll occasionally excavate a den in the side of a hill near shrubs or other cover.
Subjects: Bear cubs; Forests--Washington; Trees;
Category: Animals

Front caption: Bears in Pt. Defiance Park. Tacoma, Wash.
Date: c. 1910
Description: Trainer getting up close and personal with two bears at feeding time.
Subjects: Bears--Tacoma; Point Defiance Zoo (Tacoma); Cages--Tacoma;
Category: Point Defiance Park

Front caption: Weekend Trail Pass $50 New Hiking Boots $200 Seeing first hand that bears really do %!@# in the woods priceless!
Back caption: Weekend Trail Pass: $50 New Hiking Boots: $200 Seeing First Hand that Bears Really Do %!?* In the Woods: Priceless!
Date: c. 2006
Publisher: Published/Distributed by Smith-Western Co., 2223 So. 80th St., Tacoma, WA 98409
Printer: Printed in U.S.A.
Notes: Photo by Bert Gildart, 6809
Description: Local play on national advertising campaign, sent from Florida to NWR by database's creator.
Subjects: Bears--Washington; Promotional materials; Plumbing fixtures--Washington; Privies--Washington; Forests--Washington;
Category: Just for Fun

Front caption: Point Defiance Park Tacoma
Date: C. 1910
Description: Bears were early inhabitants of the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium. The bear pit was completed in 1901. The stone
enclosure’s floor and den were made of concrete and surrounded by iron bars--with a bath was located in the center of the pen.
Subjects: Bears--Tacoma; Point Defiance Zoo (Tacoma); Cages--Tacoma;
Category: Animals

Back caption: American Black Bear Cubs Yellowstone Park, Wyoming Route of the Vista-Dome North Coast Limited
Date: c. 1958
Distributor: Northern Pacific Railway
Printer: Mirro-Krome Card by H.S. Crocker Co. Inc., Chicago, Ill.
Description: A trio of small bears peer into the window of a 1955 Mercury Monterey Woody Station Wagon at Yellowstone Park. They seem to be as interested in the passengers as the occupants of the car are with the cubs.
Subjects: Bears; Station wagons; National parks & reserves;
Category: Just for Fun

Front caption: Polar Bear Cage, Woodland Park. Seattle U.S.A.
Date: 1921
Publisher: Lowman & Hanford Co., Seattle, U.S.A.
Notes: 3071
Description: Several Polar Bears stand close to the sides of their enclosure in an early version of the Woodland Park Zoo.
Subjects: Zoos; Polar bears--Washington; Cages;
Category: Other Cities and Towns

Front caption: W.W. Seymour Conservatory, Tacoma Washington Having a heart attack in the W.W. Seymour Conservatory is like dying in a movie because it's so beautiful there, under the lemon tree that you wonder if you want to reach for the nitroglycerine.
Back caption: W. W. Seymour Conservatory More than 17,500 individual panes of glass make up the wings and 72-sided dome of the Seymour Botanical Conservatory. The building was named for benefactor William Winkie Seymour, who also funded a YMCA summer camp that bears his name. Ironically, William Seymour died of a heart attack in the conservatory while planting a section of digitalis with his butler, Allen C. Mason.
Date: c. 2009
Distributor: Picture Tacoma Artist's Postcard Project
Notes: beautifulangle.com
Description: The Seymour Conservatory in Wright Park, as depicted by artists Lance Kagey and Tom Llewellyn. Description on the back of the card is largely a product of the artists' imaginations.
Subjects: Seymour Conservatory (Tacoma); Wright Park (Tacoma); Architectural elements--Tacoma; Horticulture--Tacoma;
Category: Picture Tacoma

Front caption: Here comes Maud with her little bear behind
Back caption: Post card (in many languages)
Date: c. 1908
Description: Interesting card sent from someone in Seattle to a woman who lived in an apartment at the Bonneville Hotel. Features woman dressed in formal clothing and hat, carrying a parasol and leading a small bear on a lead.
Subjects: Bears--Tacoma--1900-1910; Bonneville Hotel (Tacoma); Umbrellas;
Address (Links to Buildings Index): 109 TACOMA AVE SO.
Category: Just for Fun

Front caption: Bear cubs Camp 5 Polson Logging Co Hoquiam Wn
Back caption: Polson Logging Wash.
Date: c. 1910
Notes: Nelson 104
Description: A curious bear cub sniffing at a beehive atop a utility pole. The Polson Logging Company was formed in 1895 by the Polson Brothers, and later bought out by Rayonier in 1948. Hoquiam, known for its timber industry, is located on the north side of Grays Harbor.
Subjects: Bears; Lumber camps; Lumber industry;
Category: Just for Fun

Front caption: Native Brown Bear and Triplets, Rainier National Park.
Date: c. 1920
Publisher: Ranapar Studio
Notes: 26-235
Description: Momma bear and her offspring exploring on Mount Rainier.
Subjects: Rainier, Mount (Wash.); Bears--Washington;
Category: Mount Rainier

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