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Date: 04-00-1939101 of 146:
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Series: A8120   Image#: 1A   Date: 04-00-1939
College of Puget Sound Adelphian Chorus dressed in new Latvian costumes for their Northwest tour. The chorus will be attired in native costumes during a portion of their Spring concert tour. At the close of their annual Spring tour, the Adelphians are proposing to raise money to sing at the New York and San Francisco World's Fairs. Photograph ordered by the Tacoma Times. (filed with Argentum) (T. Times 3/31/1939, pg. 8-names in caption)
Date: 03-11-1939102 of 146:
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Series: A8013   Image#: 2   Date: 03-11-1939
Messiah Lutheran Church Junior choir. Thirty youngsters were photographed wearing robes in church. The choir performed under the direction of Margaret Rorem. Building built as First Norwegian Lutheran in 1891, C.S. Torkelson, Architect. Building is now home to Shiloh Baptist Church. (filed with Argentum) (T. Times 3/23/1939, pg. 2)
Date: 01-05-1939103 of 146:
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Series: A7883   Image#: 1   Date: 01-05-1939
Group portrait of the one hundred voice men's choir and their accompanist, the one lone woman in the seated row, of the Independent Bible Church, 5 So. G St., in January of 1939. The choir was the largest men's choir on the Pacific Coast and one of the largest in the West. It was composed of members of the "Centurions," a Bible study class. The Independent Bible Church had purchased the building at 5 So. G St., formerly the Scottish Rite Cathedral, from the Masonic organization in early 1937. Photograph ordered by Mr. Short at the Tacoma Times. (filed with Argentum) (T. Times 2/10/1939, pg. 18- names in caption)
Date: 12-21-1938104 of 146:
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Series: A7755   Image#: 1   Date: 12-21-1938
Choir at the Church of Holy Communion. In December of 1938, the choir of the Church of Holy Communion, 1401 So. I St., was one of several groups planning special musical programs for the holiday season. Pictured are, front row left to right, rector Rev. R. H. McGinnis, Sara Booth, Mrs. Carl Nilson, Mary Sanford, Margaret McGinnis, Mrs. R.H. McGinnis and Mrs. H.R. Maybin. Back Row: Fred Waters, Arnold Doersam, E.C. Power, Miss Frances McGinnis, Roger Scudder, George Barlow and Edmond Zolman. Photograph ordered by the Tacoma Times. (T. Times 12/24/1938, pg. 10) (filed with Argentum)
Date: 12-07-1938105 of 146:
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Series: A7701   Image#: 1   Date: 12-07-1938
College of Puget Sound's Adelphian Chorus. Photograph taken on December 7, 1938. Ordered by the Tacoma Times. (T. Times 12-10-1938, pg. 5-names in caption) (filed with Argentum)
Date: 05-26-1953106 of 146:
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Series: A75288   Image#: 2   Date: 05-26-1953
The Normanettes women's chorus will resume concerts after a two-year hiatus; their first program will be presented at the Y.W.C.A.'s Weyerhaeuser Hall on June 3, 1953. The chorus will open the show with their theme song by Robert Franz, "O, Thank Me Not for What I Sing Thee". They will also perform several songs in Swedish and Norwegian under the direction of Mrs. A. Marchell Stevens. Rev. R.H. Redal, pastor of Central Lutheran Church, will be the guest tenor soloist. There will be no tickets sold for the performance, however, a silver offering will be accepted during the evening. View of Normanettes on stage in Weyerhaeuser Hall, individual names are listed in the News Tribune article of May 31, 1953, p. D-8.
Date: 03-15-1953107 of 146:
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Series: A73684   Image#: 1   Date: 03-15-1953
A sepia photograph of the Central Lutheran Church choir was taken in the church's choir loft on March 15, 1953. They would be presenting "Seven Last Words", a cantata by Dubois, on Good Friday. Rev. Rueben H. Redal, pastor, is believed to be in the front row, on the left, with director Wilbur Arnold at his side. Central Lutheran, located at 1001 South "G" Street, apparently had a massive organ; there is a large cross placed on the front of the pipes. First Presbyterian Church was dedicated at that site in 1890; Central Lutheran established residency there in the 1930's. (TNT 3-29-53, D-11)
Date: 01-31-1953108 of 146:
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Series: A72773   Image#: 3   Date: 01-31-1953
The congregation of Sixth Avenue Baptist Church listens attentively to its minister, Rev. Victor A. McKee, in late January, 1953. Members of the children's and adult's choirs are seated up front. The church is nearly full, with people also sitting in the balcony. The covered table in front of the minister may be for Communion. Photograph ordered by Victor A. McKee. TPL-9619
Date: 01-22-1953109 of 146:
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Series: A72568   Image#: 3   Date: 01-22-1953
The Choir of the West at Pacific Lutheran College in 1953 had over sixty members. They face directly toward the camera with the conductor, Frederick L. Newnham, in the foreground. Choir members are wearing black gowns with monogrammed stoles. The choir provided music for many radio programs and special school services in addition to their many concerts. Their two week annual tour included performing in North Dakota. Photograph ordered by Professor Newnham. (1953 Saga, p. 96)
Date: 12-09-1952110 of 146:
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Series: A71036   Image#: 2   Date: 12-09-1952
Orpheus Club members are shown post-concert at the First Methodist Church on December 9, 1952. The Orpheus Club, with more than fifty participants, was a male choir that performed in many concerts, including several at the First Methodist Church and was part of the massive collaboration of choirs in productions of Handel's "The Messiah." The December, 1952, concert featured soprano Gloria Marinacci, as guest artist. The Orpheans were directed by Ivan Rasmussen and Helen Nancy Congdon was the piano accompanist. (TNT 11-30-52, D-10)
Date: ca. 1938111 of 146:
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Series: A7040   Image#: 1   Date: ca. 1938
Choir of the First Presbyterian Church, exterior view.
Date: 01-00-1938112 of 146:
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Series: A7021   Image#: 1   Date: 01-00-1938
Asbury Methodist Church Choir, Jan. 1938. Top row, left to right, Mrs. G.A. Reeves, Mrs. George Moffett, Mrs. Helen Buhl, Miss Jean Simpson, Arthur Wickens, Choir director, Rev. Rudolph Anderson, minister, Mrs. Florence Cooper, organist, Miss Faith Simpson, Mrs. Ondia Vargo, Miss Norma Garff. Standing row: Miss Virginia Huntsman, Frank B. Wickens, Clarence Benjamin, Claire Hanson, Neil Richardson, Cyril Hanson, Newton Wade, James Simpson and Mrs. Blanche Wagenblast. (T. Times 1/28/38 pg 3)
Date: 01-14-1938113 of 146:
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Series: A7018   Image#: 2   Date: 01-14-1938
Immanuel Presbyterian Church choir at front entry of church. Building by Russell and Babcock, Architects, 1909. Dr. Harold B. Long, pastor. Mrs. George Duncan, Director. Mrs. Frank Worden, Organist. (T. Times)
Date: ca. 1925114 of 146:
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Series: A670   Image#: 1   Date: ca. 1925
When the grand Tacoma Theater was built in 1889, it had the largest stage on the Pacific Coast, measuring 67 feet by 42 feet and 55 feet to the loft. The sheer size and elegance of the stage can be seen in this circa 1925 photograph with a large Baptist choir in attendance. The orchestra is seated and waiting to perform in the orchestra pit below the stage. The building at 9th & Broadway was built by the Tacoma Opera House Company to seat 1,300 (later enlarged to 1,800) and opened in January of 1890. The boards of the Tacoma Theater were trod by such greats as Sarah Bernhardt, Al Jolson and Harry Houdini. When the theater sold in December of 1925, it was the largest single realty transaction in the city's history. The theater closed down for a remodel and reopened in 1927 as the Broadway Theater. In 1933, under new management, it became the Music Box. It was destroyed by fire in April of 1963. (WSHS)
Date: 03-31-0952115 of 146:
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Series: A65801   Image#: 2   Date: 03-31-0952
Exposure of Clover Park High School Choir, for Clark Richardson Advertising. Following a tradition of eight years, the Clover Park Choir sang at the Easter sunrise service held at Mountain View Memorial Park. The Choir was under the direction of Marion Oppelt. (for a list of names, see article TNT 4/6/1952, pg A-13)
Date: 03-30-1952116 of 146:
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Series: A65489   Image#: 1   Date: 03-30-1952
The choir stands in front of the pipe organ at Central Lutheran Church.
Date: 10-19-1951117 of 146:
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Series: A63747   Image#: 2   Date: 10-19-1951
The adult choir at Trinity Methodist Church. Ordered by Mrs. Sanderson. Reverend John P. Johnson was pastor at this time.
Date: 11-26-1937118 of 146:
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Series: A6066   Image#: 2   Date: 11-26-1937
In November of 1937, the choir of the First Baptist Church, 902 Market St., was photographed with the ministerial staff. The choir was under the direction of Ernest C. Sheppard, standing left in the group of four at the front of the choir. He had been director of the choir for 20 years. Standing in the front with Mr. Sheppard were, left to right, Mrs. Norma Wadsworth, pianist, Rev. Weldon Wilson, Pastor, and Clayton Johnson, organist. The large downtown church was built in 1925 from a design by Heath, Gove & Bell, architects. (T. Times 11/26/1937, pg. 16)
Date: 10-22-1937119 of 146:
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Series: A6057   Image#: 2   Date: 10-22-1937
A Cappella choir at Lincoln High School, organized by Music Instructor Margaret Rawson Goheen, in print dress left, which grew from 18 to 60 members in three years. All names listed in Times article. (T. Times 10-22-1937, p. 3) (WSHS)
Date: 05-01-1951120 of 146:
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Series: A58045   Image#: 1   Date: 05-01-1951
The chancel choir at First Presbyterian Church was one of several music groups at the church honored at special services in June 1951. The chancel choir had gained distinction for Advent and Lent as well as in performances of the great oratorios. K. Mulder Schuil, minister of music, is seated in the middle of the front row. Names are listed in the newspaper. Ordered by Mr. Scheidt. (TNT, 6/17/1951, p.D-10)
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Displaying thumbnails 101 to 120 of 146 hits
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Displaying thumbnails 101 to 120 of 146 hits