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Date: 06-19-19511 of 20:
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Series: D58736   Image#: 1   Date: 06-19-1951
Street scene, Stadium Way to City Hall, as pictured on June 19, 1951. A few cars motor down the otherwise uncrowded street. Ornamental street lamps visible on left side of roadway. Ordered by Electrical Products, Larry Moore.
Date: 03-27-19502 of 20:
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Series: D48857   Image#: 1   Date: 03-27-1950
The corner of Pacific Ave. and 9th St., downtown Tacoma, featuring the Provident Building, 917 Pacific Ave. Storefronts indicate the presence of, left to right, the Northwest Airlines ticket office, the Lincolnshire Hotel, and Ted Palmer Real Estate. The six story Romanesque Provident building had many tenants including the Federal Finance Co. Streetlights and automobiles line Pacific Ave. Prominent billboards on the top of the buildings advertise Seagram's and Union Oil's minute man service.
Date: 08-23-19493 of 20:
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Series: D44603   Image#: 1   Date: 08-23-1949
The exterior of Bill and Ted's Cafe for the liquor board, Mr. Pickering. The tavern stands on the corner of Puyallup Avenue and D Street East. The neon sign is set at an angle to be seen along both streets. "No Minors Allowed" is painted in the window. There are two more stories above the tavern and they appear to be apartments. A fire hydrant and light post can be seen on the left. TPL-6533
Date: 04-21-19494 of 20:
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Series: D42040   Image#: 6   Date: 04-21-1949
View of two houses in Tacoma, the houses are built in the Vernacular-Popular style with features which include: two stories, gable roof, minimal detailing and exterior material is horizontal wood clapboard; both houses have three doric style columns in the front, leading to the main entrance. Photo ordered by Fred L. Wilvers, co-owner of Western Builders roofing company.
Date: 02-10-19495 of 20:
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Series: D38285   Image#: 7   Date: 02-10-1949
"Girl Alone", woman fearful of being alone on city streets at night, Times, Earl Floathe. A woman stands alone on a snowy evening near the streetlight on I Street South. Women were shown ways to protect themselves when out alone at night. "Stay in lighted area while waiting for a bus or friend" was advised. (T.Times, 2/20/1949, p.30)
Date: 06-10-19466 of 20:
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Series: D22528   Image#: 2   Date: 06-10-1946
Electrical Products Consolidated manufactured signs. They also manufactured street lights in the downtown Tacoma area. View of Mobilgas sign above the Washington Building, Pacific Avenue and street lights can be seen on right side.
Date: 05-20-19467 of 20:
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Series: D22283   Image#: 4   Date: 05-20-1946
Hansen & Rowland was an insurance company operated by H. Thorwald Hansen and Irvin C. Rowland. View of Linrothe Garage, Labor Temple, Columbus Hotel, Union Hotel and Food Sales Co. looking southward between 13th and 15th streets on Market Street. Photo ordered by Hansen-Rowland for accident location.
Date: 02-16-19458 of 20:
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Series: D18933   Image#: 1   Date: 02-16-1945
Electrical Products Consolidated street lighting. The increase in street lighting was a hot topic in Tacoma in the 1940's. They were in the process of updating and adding modern street fixtures, but also wanting to retain the beauty of the old style lamps. View of St. Helens Avenue, Market Street and South 7th Street intersection. Tacoma News Tribune is on left side and J.T.'s Tavern on right. Street lamps align both sides of streets.
Date: 07-00-19649 of 20:
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Series: D142212   Image#: 2   Date: 07-00-1964
In July of 1964, awnings extended from the buildings on the 3800 block of Sixth Avenue near Proctor; providing shade and protection from the elements for customers frequenting the variety of businesses along the 125 foot stretch of property. Built in 1926 by Arthur Locke, the brick businesses consisted of Johnson Bakery, Petite Beauty Salon, Pearl's Nook restaurant, Stop-Lite Tavern and the 5 & 10 cent Value Stores. A modern street lamp towers over the one-story businesses. Photograph ordered by Arthur Locke.
Date: 10-20-194210 of 20:
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Series: D13555   Image#: 1   Date: 10-20-1942
Harry Neilson, with the Street Light Division of the Tacoma Light Department, is putting a cardboard disc inside the top of one of the city's lighting fixtures. In October of 1942, Tacoma was attempting to cut down on the sky glow over Tacoma to meet the army's new dim-out rules. Ornamental street lights in large cities were one of the biggest obstacles to successful dim-outs during WWII. (T. Times 10-20-1942 p.1)
Date: ca. 197911 of 20:
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Series: CYS   Image#: T380   Date: ca. 1979
Unidentified street light, circa 1979.
Date: ca. 197912 of 20:
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Series: CYS   Image#: T138   Date: ca. 1979
Old street light standard and unidentified building with a broken window, circa 1979.
Date: 02-15-192213 of 20:
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Series: BOLAND   Image#: B5341   Date: 02-15-1922
This is South "J" Street near 8th St. looking north as viewed on a wet February day in 1922. Trees in the foreground are bare and the roadway is void of traffic. Decorative street lamps are spaced evenly down the block. G60.1-061
Date: 04-30-192814 of 20:
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Series: BOLAND   Image#: B18460   Date: 04-30-1928
This is how North Lawrence St. near 9th appeared on April 30, 1928. This part of town did have street lamps, at least on the corners, and sidewalks. See Boland B18458 for a more distant view of North Lawrence. Photographs were taken due to an automobile accident in the area. G60.1-107
Date: 02-08-192615 of 20:
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Series: BOLAND   Image#: B14171   Date: 02-08-1926
The intersection of North Prospect at North 15th, looking east, was photographed for court evidence on February 8, 1926. The streets were paved and homes on both sides appear large and well maintained. House on the right corner is 1501 North Prospect; house on the left corner is 1502 North Prospect. Sidewalks and curbs were installed which was not a feature in all neighborhoods. Ornamental street lamps were spaced evenly along both sides of the street. The "90 ft" noted in the photograph's lower left corner is believed to be the distance to the intersection from the camera's viewpoint. G58.1-061 (photograph has been damaged)
Date: 02-08-192616 of 20:
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Series: BOLAND   Image#: B14169   Date: 02-08-1926
The street at center is North 15th St., looking north from Prospect, on February 8, 1926. This street had ornamental street lamps, neatly trimmed parking strips and yards, curbs and sidewalks. Utility poles were placed so that wires would not impact view of the street. At center right is 1429 North Fife. The other home in the immediate background is 1430 North Prospect. The "60 ft" noted in the left lower corner of the photograph may have been the distance to the intersection. Photograph taken for court evidence. G57.2-013
Date: 03-22-195017 of 20:
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Series: A48777   Image#: 2   Date: 03-22-1950
Exterior of office building at So. 13th & Broadway. The Happy Days Tavern is at 1302 So. Broadway and Dr. Steele's Dental Clinic is at 302 So. 13th St. The upper floors are occupied by the Le Roy Hotel, apartment units., 304 So. 13th St. The building is built on an incline, so that each office has a ground floor entrance on the 13th St. side, although it is on the upper floors on the Broadway side. The Le Roy has a fire escape on the 13th St. side. Street lights can be seen on both 13th & Broadway & the back of a city bus is visible in the foregound.
Date: 03-02-194918 of 20:
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Series: A41138   Image#: 1   Date: 03-02-1949
Exterior view of the American Building Maintenance Company; it was the largest janitorial contractors, janitor service, window cleaning, floor waxing and wall cleaning business. Scaffolding is set up on exterior of building, possibly for remodeling, the business is located next to Puget Sound Auto Electric Company; both businesses were located on South 7th Street and Pacific Avenue. Photo ordered by Universal Scaffold and Contractors Supply Company.
Date: ca. 196219 of 20:
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Series: A136314   Image#: 13   Date: ca. 1962
Yakima Avenue Bridge at night. The roadway is empty of traffic and pedestrians in this ca. 1962 photograph of the Yakima Avenue Bridge which was taken probably late at night. Street lights dotting the bridge's sides provide adequate illumination. The roadway is curving as it heads towards downtown Tacoma.
Date: ca. 196220 of 20:
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Series: A136314   Image#: 12   Date: ca. 1962
Night exposure of Yakima Avenue Bridge. Street lights illuminate the night in the vicinity of the Yakima Avenue Bridge ca. late 1962. A sign points the way to Yakima Avenue north. Completed at a cost of 1.5 million dollars, the pre-stressed concrete bridge was 1,821' long and 90' high, the highest bridge of its type in the state. It was designed by Horace Whitacre and built by Woodworth & Co. The bridge was dedicated on September 14, 1961. (TNT 9-13-61, p. 1, 9-14-61, p. 1)
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