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Date: 07-31-19611 of 54:
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Series: TRUEBLOOD   Image#: 530   Date: 07-31-1961
Mayor Ben Hanson welcomes Brazilian labor leaders to Tacoma on July 31, 1961, with a firm handshake and the key to the city. Ten labor leaders were visiting Tacoma for one week to learn about collective bargaining and union contracts. While in Tacoma, the visitors talked to labor, city and school officials and toured industrial plants and civic installations. Mayor Hanson had been elected mayor by the city council in 1958 and then elected by the people of Tacoma in a charter change. ALBUM 16. (TNT 7-31-61, p. 1-article)
Date: ca. 19302 of 54:
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Series: TPL   Image#: 6894   Date: ca. 1930
Two men shake hands as they stand next to a railroad locomotive in this circa 1930 photograph. The older man holds a handkerchief in his left hand. Resting on the handkerchief is a metal object which might be a retirement watch.
Date: 03-00-19473 of 54:
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Series: TPL   Image#: 5105   Date: 03-00-1947
Mayor Val Fawcett gives a warm welcome to Al Thrall (L) and Richard Williams visiting (Old) City Hall in the spring of 1947. Quick thinking on the part of the two 17-year-olds during the March 29th Daffodil Parade prevented injury and disruption of the annual event. Richard Williams, driving a float with Al Thrall assisting, warned the packed crowds and managed to stop his runaway float when its brakes failed. (T.Times 4-1-47, p. 7) ALBUM 14.
Date: 4 of 54:
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Series: RK   Image#: A16-04   Date:
Small boy reaching out to shake the hand of a Tacoma Stars soccer player. He is assisted by a man in Tacoma Stars Floor Crew jacket who is wearing a Official Media/Staff tag. Photograph is inscribed "To Red..Who brings out the kid in all of us. Your friend, Pat" This is believed to be from Pat DeLapp.
Date: ca. 19635 of 54:
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Series: G68.1   Image#: 082   Date: ca. 1963
Tacoma Mayor Harold Tollefson gazes at a large photograph of himself shaking the hand of President John F. Kennedy upon the President's arrival in Tacoma on September 27, 1963. The two women holding the photograph were not identified. The President had been flown to Cheney Stadium's parking lot by a special Marine helicopter. With him in the informal reception line are US Senators Henry M. Jackson and Warren G. Magnuson (in light suit) followed by Governor Albert Rosellini (partially blocked). Standing next to Mayor Tollefson is his brother, Thor, a longtime Congressman and well-known to the President. The President would remark about seeing familiar faces in his opening remarks to the 25,000+ at Cheney Stadium; in referring to the Tollefsons, "I am glad to come here to see the Tollefson brothers. It makes the President feel a little better." The President had been the target of some criticism regarding the number of his relatives in politics. (TNT 9-27-63, A-1,2-articles)
Date: 09-27-19636 of 54:
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Series: G68.1   Image#: 079   Date: 09-27-1963
Mayor Harold Tollefson (center) shakes hands with President John F. Kennedy on September 27, 1963, after the President's appearance at Cheney Stadium. The President delivered the short principal address concerning preservation of natural resources and the importance of education. Flanking the President are the presidents of Pacific Lutheran University and University of Puget Sound, Dr. Robert Mortvedt and Dr. R. Franklin Thompson; their schools were instrumental in securing the President's attendance in Tacoma. It was President Kennedy's first visit to Tacoma since becoming President. He had made two prior trips in the 1950s as a U.S. Senator. SSPA 27-SEP-2012
Date: 09-27-19637 of 54:
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Series: G68.1   Image#: 077   Date: 09-27-1963
President John F. Kennedy is pictured upon his arrival via special Marine helicopter at Cheney Stadium's parking lot on September 27, 1963. He is shaking hands with Tacoma Mayor Harold Tollefson who is standing next to his brother, Congressman Thor Tollefson. Following President Kennedy in the informal reception line are Senators Henry M. Jackson and Warren G. Magnuson and Governor Albert D. Rosellini. Man in bow tie at far left is believed to be Pierce County Commissioner Harry Sprinker. The President had arrived at Sea-Tac Airport at 11:30 am from Salt Lake City and had traveled to Tacoma to deliver a speech at Cheney Stadium. It was the President's first appearance in Pierce County since becoming the Chief Executive. His last visit to Tacoma was in 1959 when he spoke about a labor bill.
Date: 09-23-19808 of 54:
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Series: G68.1   Image#: 061   Date: 09-23-1980
Tacoma Mayor Mike Parker (left) shakes the hand of President Jimmy Carter after Mr. Carter's speech on September 23, 1980. The President had arrived at McChord AFB at 4:05 pm and was whisked away by limousine to various stops in Tacoma. Mayor Parker rode with President Carter and was able to brief him on what would occur at each stop. The above photograph was probably taken at the Bicentennial Pavilion during the President's last stop of the day, a Democratic fundraiser where 125 people enjoyed chicken legs, raw vegetables, and deviled eggs for a $500-a-person contribution. (TNT 9-24-80, p. A-6 article)
Date: 09-23-19809 of 54:
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Series: G68.1   Image#: 051   Date: 09-23-1980
President Jimmy Carter (back to camera) is pictured on September 23, 1980, shaking hands with Tacoma Mayor Mike Parker while his wife Judith and an unidentified woman look on. The President had just arrived at McChord AFB on Air Force One and would be spending three hours in Tacoma on a brief campaign swing of the area.
Date: 09-23-198010 of 54:
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Series: G68.1   Image#: 038   Date: 09-23-1980
President Jimmy Carter proceeds down an informal reception line upon his arrival at McChord Air Force Base on September 23, 1980. He has just finished shaking the hand of Mayor Mike Parker and is about to shake the extended hand of the mayor's wife, Judith. Man to the extreme left of photograph is believed to be Democratic candidate for governor, Jim McDermott of Seattle. Man next to Mayor Parker is possibly Lt. Gov. John Cherberg who stood in for Gov. Dixy Lee Ray on this occasion.
Date: 09-23-198011 of 54:
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Series: G68.1   Image#: 035   Date: 09-23-1980
President Jimmy Carter in handshake with Tacoma Mayor Mike Parker (left) upon his arrival on September 23, 1980, at McChord Air Force Base. Next to Mayor Parker is his wife, Judith. Others in photograph are not identified.
Date: 09-25-197212 of 54:
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Series: G68.1   Image#: 006   Date: 09-25-1972
Presidential candidate George McGovern greets a smiling, enthusiastic crowd of supporters during his September, 1972, visit to Tacoma. The Democratic senator from South Dakota is pictured above shaking the hands of some elderly well-wishers.
Date: 09-25-197213 of 54:
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Series: G68.1   Image#: 003   Date: 09-25-1972
George McGovern supporters extended their hands in hopes of a personal handshake from the Democratic presidential candidate in September of 1972. The surging crowd of supporters and general onlookers represented a wide range of humanity, both young and old. All were eager to get as close as possible to the South Dakota senator who reached through a protective wall of Secret Servicemen and police to shake as many hands as possible. Senator McGovern had traveled from Billings, Montana, via plane to make a quick stop in Tacoma to solicit labor's help in his presidential campaign. He addressed a large gathering at the new Labor Center at 950 Fawcett Ave. Tacoma Police Department SWAT team members, armed with rifles, provided additional security for the presidential candidate. (TNT 9-26-72, p. 1-articles)
Date: 07-25-193014 of 54:
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Series: G67.1   Image#: 184   Date: 07-25-1930
Former heavyweight champion of the world, Jack Dempsey (second from right) shakes hands with Tacoma mayor Melvin G. Tennent in July of 1930. On the extreme right of photograph is believed to be Jack Calvert, manager of the Tacoma Hotel; man on extreme left is unidentified. Mr. Dempsey was in Tacoma to referee a boxing match held downtown at the Greenwich Coliseum.
Date: 01-29-192615 of 54:
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Series: G67.1   Image#: 176   Date: 01-29-1926
Harold "Red" Grange shakes hands with an unidentified man in late January of 1926 while on the rooftop of the Winthrop Hotel. Mr. Grange is on the right. By 1926, he had graduated from the University of Illinois where he was an outstanding football player and was playing pro ball. He was in Tacoma very briefly on Friday, January 29th, to help publicize his Chicago Bears Sunday game against the Washington All-Stars in Seattle. A smallish crowd of about 5000 would see the Bears demolish the All-Stars 34-0. Later that year would come the release of a silent film, "One Minute to Play," starring Mr. Grange. (TDL 1-29-26, p. 1-article; TNT 1-29-26, p. 18-article) (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Grange)
Date: 16 of 54:
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Series: G67.1   Image#: 146   Date:
Undated photograph of marathon walker Helen Hall being welcomed to Tacoma. She is shaking the hand of an unidentified man while a member of the police department stands next to her. A poster on a cart states that she is "Queen of the Road Helen Hall Marathon Walker World Traveler." An emblem of the "Town of Chester" "Snowmobile Club Inc" is on the poster. Ms. Hall's vest is thickly covered with police badges from many states.
Date: 08-21-192617 of 54:
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Series: G36.1   Image#: 208   Date: 08-21-1926
On August 21, 1926, H.T. Moore of the Moore Amusement Company, owner of the Rialto and Colonial Theaters, joined forces with the new Pacific Northwest Theaters Inc. Moore, left, is shown shaking hands with Harry C. Arthur of Los Angeles, president of the new organization, in front of H.C. Weaver Productions, Inc., movie studio at Titlow Beach. H.C. Weaver, head of the studio, stands with his hands in pocket, on far right in this sepia photograph. Left to right, the group includes J.F. Douglas, Moore, G. C. Kirley, Arthur, L.S. Hamm and Weaver. The group, which was organized to consolidate motion picture distribution in the Pacific Northwest, was touring the studio. The studio was built in 1924. Weaver Productions hoped to lure Hollywood to film extensively in the Northwest; however, the studio apparently only made three motion pictures in their four-year existence. It closed in 1928 and was later converted into a dance hall in 1932 before being destroyed by fire that same year. Boland B15513, BU-13759, TPL- 8182 (TNT 8/23/1926, pg. 6)
Date: 05-07-192918 of 54:
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Series: BOLAND   Image#: B20854   Date: 05-07-1929
"Twenty-four years and going strong" ran the headline in the Tacoma Sunday Ledger on May 12, 1929, referring to this 1905 five-passenger Reo touring car. Although the vehicle was certainly "old enough to vote," it performed well with a full load, pulling up steep Saint Helens Avenue in high gear. Mayor James G. Newbegin (standing left) shook hands with driver George W. Miller, vice-president of Winthrop Motor Co. The Reo's passengers included salesman Oscar Seabloom, Reo truck department assistant manager Jimmy Gilchrist, and salesman Bob Scott. The car had been on display in the showrooms of the Winthrop Motor Co., local Reo distributors, and inspected by many Tacomans who had fond memories of the car. Photograph ordered by Winthrop Motor Co. (Tacoma Sunday Ledger, 5-12-29, p. 13) G32.1-087
Date: 07-11-192619 of 54:
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Series: G23.1   Image#: 135   Date: 07-11-1926
Fred S. Stover, national commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), upon his arrival in Tacoma on July 11, 1926. Mr. Stover, a prominent businessman from Butler, Penn., (L in picture) is met at Union Station by commanders of local posts. Shaking hands with Mr. Stover is W.A. Gartley, Wild West Post No. 91 commander; standing between them is Paul J. Roberts, South Tacoma post commander. Mr. Stover is on a tour of the Pacific Northwest in the interest of Foreign Veterans. Tacoma would be his temporary headquarters as he would take a tour of the city and trout fishing his first day here, then go to Seattle to meet with veterans there on July 12th. His plans included visits to local veterans hospitals and a banquet in his honor. (TNT 7-11-26, p. 1)
Date: 06-30-194020 of 54:
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Series: D9937   Image#: 3   Date: 06-30-1940
Harry P. Cain, Mayor of Tacoma and future US Senator (left in photo) shakes hands with a member of the Water Carnival Committee, possibly Ted Brown, during the 1940 Narrows Bridge/ McChord Field Celebration. Each year the Young Men's Business Club (YMBC) sponsored a water carnival at Point Defiance. In 1940, the water carnival was set the day before the grand opening of the (first) Tacoma Narrows Bridge. McChord Flying Field would also open the first week of July, 1940. ALBUM 12.
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Displaying thumbnails 1 to 20 of 54 hits