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Date: 06-17-19571 of 5:
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Series: A107652   Image#: 8   Date: 06-17-1957
Just past the men's suits was the Forewyn Shop for Women located inside Foreman & Clark at the Villa Plaza. The latest fashions in suits, dresses, blouses and skirts could be found for the discerning shopper. While Foreman & Clark did not manufacture the women's clothing itself, as it did men and boys clothing, they made sure that the manufacturers chosen were worthy of the Forewyn name.
Date: 06-17-19572 of 5:
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Series: A107652   Image#: 5   Date: 06-17-1957
Large selection of men's suits at the new Foreman & Clark's clothing store in Lakewood's Villa Plaza Shopping Center. Foreman & Clark celebrated its grand opening with three days full of bargains on June 6-8, 1957. Men could purchase a 100% wool suit for only $39.90 and pick up a toggle car coat for $12.88. The firm manufactured its own men's and boys' clothing with men's sizes ranging from 34-50. Among the newest of 90 stores from coast-to-coast, the Villa Plaza location followed store policy of low rental expense and inexpensive fixtures so that quality merchandise could be manufactured while keeping costs low for shoppers. The Villa Plaza store was managed by Hal Miller who along with Byron W. Foreman, nephew of store founder W.A. Foreman and Walter Scott, regional manager, were present for the grand opening celebration. (TNT 6-5-57, A-6-article)
Date: 06-17-19573 of 5:
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Series: A107652   Image#: 2   Date: 06-17-1957
Foreman & Clark clothing store at the new Villa Plaza Shopping Center. Foreman & Clark took out a full page ad in the News Tribune on June 5, 1957, proclaiming the "West's largest clothier coming to Tacoma." The chain, established in 1909 in Los Angeles by W.A. Foreman, had 90 stores from coast-to-coast. It celebrated a three-day grand opening on June 6-8, 1957, at the Villa Plaza Shopping Center. Foreman & Clark's manufactured its own men's and boys' clothing to keep prices low while offering the public well made articles of clothing. (TNT 6-5-57, A-7-article & ad)
Date: 06-17-19574 of 5:
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Series: A107652   Image#: 3   Date: 06-17-1957
National clothiers Foreman & Clark opened up the latest in their 90 chain stores in the Villa Plaza Shopping Center on June 6, 1957. They were well-known for their fine quality men's, women's and children's line of clothing. Foreman & Clark's was established in Los Angeles in 1909 by W.A. Foreman. His policy of upstairs stores, low rental costs and inexpensive fixtures resulted in savings passed on to his customers in the form of quality merchandise at low prices. The Foreman & Clark chain ran from New York to California and then up to the Pacific Northwest. The Villa Plaza store had a prime location next to Rhodes Department Store. It was run by Hal Miller. This is probably the rear view of the store, taken on June 17, 1957. For another view, probably of the front, see A107266-1. Sepia photograph ordered by Walter Scott, Foreman & Clark. (TNT 6-5-57, A-6)
Date: 06-03-19575 of 5:
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Series: A107266   Image#: 1   Date: 06-03-1957
The Villa Plaza Shopping Center, built on the grounds of the former 200-acre Visitation Villa, saw the opening of many new stores in the spring of 1957. Foreman & Clark, who specialized in fine men, women, and children's clothing, was one of the latest to celebrate its grand opening in early June, 1957. Besides offering clothing specials, bonus gifts for the family were also awarded. Credit was readily available with deferred payment until August. Foreman & Clark was a top clothing retailer with 90 stores coast-to-coast. The first Foreman & Clark store was opened in Los Angeles in 1909. It quickly built a reputation for excellent quality in its clothing line. Hal Miller would be the new Villa Plaza store manager. View of entrance to Foreman & Clark, with large store lettering, and overhanging roof. Photograph ordered by Foreman & Clark. (TNT 6-5-57, A-6)
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