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Series: TPL   Image#: 10126   Date:
A sleek Blue Line bus, operated by Peter Conlon and his brother John W. Conlon, is parked outside the 12-unit Electric Apartments, 2510 Fawcett Avenue, in the early 1930s. The Conlons owned the Sumner Tacoma Stage Co. which carried passengers between Sumner and Tacoma. A small American flag is jauntily attached to the hood perhaps in honor of a holiday. (Photograph courtesy of the Jack Conlon collection)
Date: 12-08-19392 of 9:
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Series: D9172   Image#: 9   Date: 12-08-1939
Although threatened with both humiliation and physical harm by his fraternity brothers, Herman Kleiner survived "Hell Night" at the College of Puget Sound and became a member of Delta Kappa Phi. In this photograph from December of 1939, Johnnie Esthen (left) and Norman Burke force young Mr. Kleiner to board a Tacoma bus dressed in little more then a barrel. Kleiner went on to graduate from CPS in 1943 with a major in Sociology.
Date: 02-04-19393 of 9:
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Series: D7908   Image#: 7   Date: 02-04-1939
Two buses are stopped at the corner of 11th and Pacific in front of Peoples Store to pick up passengers in early February of 1939. Modern bus transportation had replaced the old streetcar system in mid-1938. There were now 95 up-to-date buses operated by the Tacoma Rail & Power system in the city. Routes operated over 76 miles of Tacoma streets carrying 35,000 passengers daily. A group of people dressed in suits and coats prepare to cross Pacific where the old streetcar tracks and brick pavers are visible. (T. Times, 2/8/1939, p. 21-alt. photograph, p. 22-article).
Date: 02-04-19394 of 9:
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Series: D7908   Image#: 4   Date: 02-04-1939
Pacific Avenue at 11th Street. Bank of California and adjacent structures. In Tacoma's busy commercial center, shoppers stand-in-line to board one of the city's 95 buses operated by Tacoma Railway & Power (T.R.& P.) system.(T.Times 2/8/39, p. 21)
Date: 02-06-19385 of 9:
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Series: D7071   Image#: 5   Date: 02-06-1938
In 1938 Tacoma Rail and Power began replacing the streetcars on the South Tacoma line with buses. In this photograph, four men inspect the engine of one of the new 31-passenger buses built in Kent, Ohio. Some of the new 10-bus fleet began service on February 13, 1938 in South Tacoma running to 54th and South Tacoma Way. The buses followed the route of the soon to be abandoned street car line. (T. Times, 2/7/1938, p.1).
Date: 02-06-19386 of 9:
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Series: D7071   Image#: 4   Date: 02-06-1938
Man with pipe in mouth pours fuel from a gasoline can into one of Tacoma Railway & Power Co.'s new buses. Built in Kent, Ohio, the new fleet began service February 13, 1938 and replaced the South Tacoma streetcar line. (T.Times, 2/7/1938, p.1.)
Date: 07-23-19407 of 9:
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Series: D10050   Image#: 28   Date: 07-23-1940
Host committee for the 1940 Pacific Coast Fire Chiefs Convention. Four unidentified men standing in front of three buses, two marked "Special," parked in parking lot. Passing dog stops to stare at the photographer.
Date: 03-21-19358 of 9:
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Series: 978   Image#: 1   Date: 03-21-1935
The Adelphian Choral Society of the College of Puget Sound poses beside their motor coach prior to leaving on March 21, 1935 for a 19 day singing trip to Eastern Washington. The group will sing in 22 Northwest cities. (T. Times 3/22/1935, pg. 1)
Date: ca. 19349 of 9:
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Series: 898   Image#: 1   Date: ca. 1934
"Harmon Miller- Little car- Eatonville stage." Men working inside a garage, circa 1934. The man in front is working on a midget car or luxury go cart. The man behind him is working on the "Eatonville-Tacoma-Kapowsin" bus. (filed with Argentum)
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Displaying thumbnails 1 to 9 of 9 hits