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Date: 04-19-19381 of 49:
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Series: A7195   Image#: 1A   Date: 04-19-1938
This was Lincoln High School's baseball team in 1938. The photograph is identical to A7195, image 1, except for the omission of printed school identification. 15 boys are in uniform, supplemented by two student managers with letterman sweaters and coach Eddie Schwarz. Coach Schwarz would lead his team in battle against the Stadium Tigers on April 21st where Stadium would defeat Lincoln 10-6 at Athletic Park. (T.Times 4-21-38, p. 15-names of team members listed)
Date: 05-10-19312 of 49:
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Series: BOLAND   Image#: B23735   Date: 05-10-1931
Members of the 1931 Northern Pacific Railway Co.'s baseball team are in uniform on May 10, 1931. The team, composed of N.P. workers, was part of the Industrial League. Northern Pacific sponsored two teams for the 1931 season in Division A and Division B. G53.1-017
Date: 05-07-19313 of 49:
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Series: BOLAND   Image#: B23726   Date: 05-07-1931
To boost company morale and foster an air of camaraderie, local businesses often sponsored recreational league sports teams. The three "Bs" were popular in the 1930s - bowling, basketball and baseball. Here the Northern Pacific Railway baseball team posed for a group picture on May 7, 1931, which included coaches, ball boy, and a banner with "Yellowstone Park Line" under the Northern Pacific heading. This team participated in the Industrial League. Carl Lewis Dakin has been identified as the player seated third from the right who is holding onto the team banner. See Boland B23725 for a similar photograph of the team. G53.1-019 (Identification provided by a reader)
Date: 05-07-19314 of 49:
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Series: BOLAND   Image#: B23725   Date: 05-07-1931
Businesses in the 1920's and 30's often sponsored athletic teams for recreational use by their employees. Baseball was a very popular sport in Tacoma and there were numerous company-sponsored teams in various leagues. The Northern Pacific team posed for a picture on May 7, 1931; they were members of the Industrial League. A banner with the company name and "Yellowstone Park Line" is displayed in front of the group. Northern Pacific would have the honor of being one of the teams participating in Tacoma's first night games on April 25, 1930; they would be defeated by the Firemen, eventual winners of that year's B Division championship. Carl Lewis Dakin, seated third from the right, is the player holding onto the team banner. G53.1-018 (Identification provided by a reader)
Date: 05-05-19315 of 49:
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Series: BOLAND   Image#: B23714   Date: 05-05-1931
Firemen's Union #31, victors in the B Division Industrial League Championship in 1930, pose in front of a fire truck in May of 1931. Four trophies are displayed along with crossed baseball bats and a glove, flanked by team mascot Bud Christensen (left) and bat boy Bill Frazier. The Firemen opened up the 1931 baseball season with an exhibition game at Lincoln Bowl on May 9th against Shaffer Box, defending City Champs. Shaffer Box had defeated the Firemen in a bitterly contested game for the city title; this rematch would pit the same teams with the same result, another Shaffer Box victory. Team members of the Firemen were listed in the Daily Ledger as: Back row: Glen Lawson, Hank Hubert, H. Larson, K. Larson, Al St. Pierre, Walt Christensen, Al Pentecost. Middle row: Property man Harry Frazier, coach Bobby Vaughn, George Sharrick, H. Wiengard, Det Ketler, George Dague, Ed Burk, manager Emory Whitaker. Mgr. Whitaker would later become Tacoma's Fire Chief from 1932-1944. (TDL 5-6-31, p. 10, 5-8-31, p. 10, 5-10-31, B-1) TPL-450
Date: 05-00-19366 of 49:
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Series: S24   Image#: 1   Date: 05-00-1936
The Stadium High School baseball team, the Stadium Tigers, was photographed on the field at Stadium Bowl in May of 1936. The team, undefeated in eleven starts, was playing for the Southwest Washington title. The man to the left in the plain white sweatshirt is Coach John Heinrick. After a lapse of seven years, baseball was making a comeback as a major sport at Stadium High School, brought back by Coach Heinrick in his first teaching year at Stadium. Names, according to the Tacoma Times, for the front row, left to right: future U.S. District Court Judge Jack Tanner, Ed Turner, Harry Werbisky, Fred LeVeque and Bill Stocklin. (names do not match # of boys in row) Second row: Doug Turnbull, Tom Hall, Bill Zenk, Mal Stevens, Vince Lescick, Maurice Turnbull and Dick Pease. Third row: Bob Knesal, Arnold Schurb, Mel Gillespie, Al Libke, Marion Scott and Paul Barragar. (T. Times 5/28/1936, pg. 15 ; "The Tahoma" 1936 SHS yearbook)
Date: ca. 19347 of 49:
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Series: R   Image#: 22   Date: ca. 1934
Girls freshman baseball nine won the annual baseball tournament in 1934, defeating the sophomores 18 to 9. Front row: Perkins, Davis, Ida Larson (captain), Hagberg. Back row: Fulton, Giske, Beerbohm, Hanson, Ramsby. (WSHS) (1934 Tamanawas)
Date: ca. 19348 of 49:
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Series: R   Image#: 14   Date: ca. 1934
Jason Lee School baseball team, circa 1934. (WSHS)
Date: ca. 19349 of 49:
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Series: R   Image#: 12   Date: ca. 1934
Photograph taken for the 1934 "Tamanawas," the yearbook for the College of Puget Sound. Coach Roy Sandberg started out the year with less than 18 athletes turning out for the team. Despite a weakness in the pitching, the team had a fair season. Front row: Mullen, Wenman, Burkland, Dawkins, Dille, Eisenbeis and Stoffel. Back row: Jim Ennis (captain), Richard Zehnder, Coach Sandberg, Harkonen, Otto Smith, Soha, Manager Post, Jess Brooks, Cox, Kuromoto.(WSHS) (1934 Tamanawas)
Date: ca. 193510 of 49:
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Series: L9   Image#: 1   Date: ca. 1935
Superior Dairy's baseball team, City League Champions 1935. The team posed with their bat boy. Their uniforms had the emblem of a milk bottle filled with the initials S.D. (WSHS)
Date: 05-10-193111 of 49:
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Series: BOLAND   Image#: B23739   Date: 05-10-1931
Monty's Independents (Garagemen) were an all-black baseball team in the newly formed 9-member "Community" league in 1931. The Community League played a 16-game season. The league was notable for having not only an all-black team, but an all-Italian team headed by Al Greco, an all-Japanese team from Fife, and an all-Slavic team. Other teams in the league were Jack & Jill, the Tacoma Red Men, the 10th Field Artillery, Steilacoom, and McKinley Hill. Monty's opened their season on May 10, 1931, against Steilacoom where they lost 31-3 in a 7-inning game. (TDL 5-10-31, 2-B) TPL-3688; G39.1-173; G53.1-007; G39.1-165;
Date: 05-01-193012 of 49:
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Series: BOLAND   Image#: B22491   Date: 05-01-1930
The South Tacoma baseball club, along with coaches and ball boys, posed for a a team picture on May 1, 1930, prior to their 0-0 tie with the Vince Duckwitz-lead McKinley Ave. ("McKinley Hill") crew. Elwood Anderson would go on to pitch a no-hitter in the six-inning game. The "Chevrolets" were managed by Bill Schott, new to managing a City League team. They are seated in three rows; many are wearing sweaters with the team name over their uniforms. Bottom row, fourth from left, is possibly Art Berg, first baseman and future Tacoma Pierce County Sports Hall of Famer. (TDL 5-2-30, p. 8) TPL-7140; G53.1-010
Date: 05-01-193013 of 49:
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Series: BOLAND   Image#: B22490   Date: 05-01-1930
The 1930 McKinley Avenue baseball team, apparently also known as "McKinley Hill," played in the five-team City League. The team won their season opener on April 26, 1930, with an 11-inning victory over the 38th Streeters. On May 1st, they battled to a 0-0 tie in their second game against South Tacoma in the Lincoln Bowl. Taking on the role of player-coach was shortstop Vince Duckwitz. (TDL 5-2-30, p. 8-article) TPL-9235; G53.1-004
Date: 05-01-193014 of 49:
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Series: BOLAND   Image#: B22489   Date: 05-01-1930
Group photograph of the Kay Street baseball team taken on May 1, 1930. Presumably sponsored by the busy Kay Street business district, the Kay Streeters look alert as do the numerous small fry in the background. Managed by catcher Sammy Cappa, the Kay Streeters defeated the Cammarano Bros. team 4-0 before 500 fans in opening league play for both teams. Harold Johnson, Sr., has been identified as the player second from left in the bottom row. Sammy Cappa is sitting in the second row from bottom at the far right. (TDL 5-2-30, p. 8) G53.1-015; TPL-446. (Additional identification provided by a reader)
Date: 05-01-193015 of 49:
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Series: BOLAND   Image#: B22488   Date: 05-01-1930
The Cammarano baseball team poses for a group picture on May 1, 1930. The Cammarano Bros., sponsors of the team, were bottlers of beer and carbonated beverages. Photographed at the start of the 1930 baseball season, the Cammaranos joined other company or union sponsored teams. Baseball in Tacoma was heavily followed; the local newspapers often gave more coverage to homebased teams than the national big leaguers. Making his managerial debut was third baseman Al Greco, believed to be the third from left in back row. He would face off against former teammate Sammy Cappa, manager of the Kay Street team, in the May 1, 1930, doubleheader at Lincoln Bowl. The Cammarano Bros. would be shut out by the Kay Streeters, 4-0. (TDL 5-2-30, p. 8) TPL-10070; G53.1-008
Date: 04-25-193016 of 49:
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Series: BOLAND   Image#: B22445   Date: 04-25-1930
Tacoma's first known night baseball games were played in the Stadium Bowl on April 25, 1930. The Tacoma Teamsters Local # 313 team, pictured above with coaches and ball boy, shut out the City Lumber team 6-0 in the second half of a doubleheader. In the first game of the evening, the Firemen defeated Northern Pacific 5-1. These games opened the 1930 Industrial Baseball League season. With 18 teams in the circuit, there were undoubtedly other games played under the gigantic floodlights at the Stadium Bowl later in the season. (TDL 4-25-30, p. 10, 4-26-30, p. 8) TPL-875; G53.1-003
Date: ca. 193717 of 49:
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Series: G53.1   Image#: 031   Date: ca. 1937
Frozen in time in the middle of a windup is Floyd "Lefty" Isekite of the Tacoma Tigers. "Lefty," a southpaw, pitched in the Western International League in the 1930's. He had a blazing fastball and pitched a no-hitter in 1937 against the Wenatchee Chiefs. "Lefty" last pitched for the Tigers in 1940. He was named to the Tacoma-Pierce County Sports Hall of Fame in 1972. Floyd Gill "Lefty" Isekite passed away in April, 1992. TPL 150. (TNT 11-14-39, p. 20, TNT 8-28-49, B-9)
Date: ca. 193818 of 49:
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Series: G53.1   Image#: 025   Date: ca. 1938
Members of the Tacoma Tigers baseball club pose for a 1938 team picture prior to their game with Yakima. William "Hack" Wilson was the Tigers' playing catcher and also their manager. He is believed to be in the back row, third from the right. TPL 4747.
Date: 07-23-193919 of 49:
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Series: D8648   Image#: 1   Date: 07-23-1939
Sam Jackson, wearing a straw hat with a "Golden Jubilee" hat band, helped make July 23, 1939 special for two unidentified polio victims by taking them to a double header at Athletic Park, near So. 15th and Sprague. Three Tigers players sat behind the young patients, who were separated by two women (their mothers?), to have the day captured on film. Samuel Jackson was president of the Tacoma General Hospital and chairman of the board of the National Bank of Washington. The Tigers lost the first game of the day to Vancouver 6 to 5, but won the second 2 runs to 1, the Tigers' pitcher, Carl Brady, having given up only 3 hits. The "Golden Jubilee" was the Tacoma celebration of Washington's 50th anniversary of statehood.
Date: 04-20-193920 of 49:
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Series: D8163   Image#: 1   Date: 04-20-1939
Stadium High School's 1939 Tigers Baseball Team portrait. Three rows of young men dressed in various baseball uniforms. The team, under the direction of Coach John Heinrick, back row on the left, won the city title in 1939 for the 3rd year in a row. They were victorious in 15 of their 18 outings. (T. Times, 5/23/1939, p. 13; names listed).
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