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250 SO. 19th ST., Tacoma19028 Images
Snoqualmie Falls Power Co. Transfer House
Tacoma Cataract Co., builder
Charles A. Sayre, contr.
TDL 9/28/1902 p.23 (il)
TDN Annual 1/18/1904 p.2 (il)
TDN Annual 1/16/1905 p.4 (il)
TDN 6/29/1905 (il)
Puget Sound Power & Light Sub Station
TNT 8/26/1949 p.30 Pigeons killed at
power house
TNT 10/2/1952 p.D7 Substation loss
$5,000 (vandalism)
TNT 4/11/1954 p.C15 For sale (il)
Snoqualmie Library Building,
University of Washington Tacoma
-connected by skybridge to the
Tioga Library Building at 1907 Jefferson Ave.
in 2012
TNT 10/11/1992 p.H10 Old power station
symbolizes UW revival mission
TNT 9/26/1993 UW buys final two properties
needed for campus in Tacoma
TNT 8/8/1994 p.B1 Site plans for Tacoma UW
branch complete (sketch)
TNT 5/14/1995 p.A1 Work officially begins on
turning warehouses into a new UW-Tacoma
TNT 4/10/1996 p.D1 Plaza progress (il)
Business Examiner 3/17/1997 p.16
As construction goes on so does study
of UWT (il)
TNT 9/21/1997 p.A1 Where class meets past
TNT 9/27/1997 p.A1 Grand opening for Tacoma's
grand new downtown campus
T.Weekly 7/30/1999 p.3 Celebration set
to unveil the latest Chihuly masterpiece
("Chinook Red Chandlier" by artist
Dale Chihuly)
TNT 5/11/2007 p.A1 Then, Now and
for the future (il c.19070s and in 2007)
TNT 1/12/2011 p.A3 Downtown trail
deal OK'd (il)
TNT 5/8/2012 p.A1 UWT at peace
with Picasso donation ("The Face of
Peace" donated by Rev. Bill Bichsel)
(Catalog)307.76 Un3T p.41,97

TNT = Tacoma News Tribune
TDL = Tacoma Daily Ledger

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