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1715 TACOMA AVE. SO., Tacoma19212004US City 2 Images
Japanese Language School /
Nihon Go Gakko
Heath & Gove, arch.
N.H. Hylen, contr.
-school also known as the Tacoma Yochiyen
-formally opened 1/20/1922
-addition completed Aug. 1926
-added to National Register 8/30/1984
-added to Tacoma Register by Resolution
No.29009, 12/17/1985
TDL 4/6/1913 p.9 Tacoma Japanese children
will soon have new home (new bldg. proposed)
TDL 7/24/1921 p.B5 New kindergarten
building to start
TDL 5/16/1926 p.E10 (addition by R.M. Grant,
TDL 3/15/1934 p.1 Tacoma entertains
Japanese royalty
TNT 2/1/1942 p.A1 All Japanese language
schools closed here (name changed to
Japanese Community Center, Japanese
Americans to aid in local civil defense work)
TNT 5/12/1942-5/19/1942 (bldg. processing
site / "civil control station" during World War II
Japanese Relocation)
TNT 5/12/1942 p.1 Tacoma's Japanese to
leave; register at school
TNT 5/13/1942 p.1 Japs here to go to Calif.;
first train of evacuees to leave Sunday
(interior il)
TNT 5/14/1942 p.11 Last Japs registered;
smiling faces cover grief and grim reality
TNT 8/7/1977 p.A3 Japanese-American
Downtown Tacoma News 8/7/1977
Seichi Konzo
TNT 10/25/1982 Movie scenes to be
shot here (motion picture "The Prodigal"
filmed in bldg.)
TNT 4/30/1989 p.B1 Abandoned Japanese
school an open book of memories
TNT 8/10/1992 p.B1 Alumni of Japanese
language school reunite
TNT 10/5/1992 p.B1 Old school now
poses a dilema; UW wants land but
not old school
TNT 2/6/1993 p.B1 UW, Tacoma deal may
save historic, battered building
Business Examiner 3/17/1997 p.16 As
construction goes on so does study of UWT (il)
TNT 7/16/1998 p.SL1 Visual translations;
Dan Senn trained a video camera on the old
Japanese Language School
T.Weekly 4/19/2002 p.A1 Fate of former
Japanese school up in the air (il)
Business Examiner 4/29/2002 p.17 UWT
building recalls a time of cultural pride, a time
of shame
TNT 8/24/2002 p.B2 Body of slain woman
found behind vacant building
TNT 9/5/2002 p.A1 Historic building in ruins;
UWT considering what to do with structure,
but most likely old learning center will be
razed (il,interior il)
T.Weekly 2/14/2003 p.B4 Photographer
puts city under lens (il)
TNT 6/2/2003 p.B1 UW crafts new vision
for Tacoma campus
T.Weekly 7/4/2003 p.A5 Campus recognized
for readapting historic buildings faces prospect
of knocking one down
TNT 11/16/2003 p.B2 UWT honors pre-WWII
Japanese Language School
TNT 11/19/2003 p.A1 A piece of history soon
will fall; Japanese Americans celebrate
Tacoma school (il)
Northwest Asian Weekly 11/22/2003 p.5
Demolition won't destroy memories of school
T.Daily Index 8/11/2004 p.1 ... to be
TNT 8/19/2004 p.B1 Days numbered for
historic school
T.Weekly 8/19/2011 p.A1 UW-Tacoma plans
to honor Japanese Language School
T.Daily Index 5/10/2013 p.1 UW Tacoma
approaches fundraising goal for Japan
Language School memorial (sketch)
T.Daily Index 9/25/2014 p.1 Japanese
Language School Memorial to be
unveiled Oct. 10 (il)
T.Daily Index 10/13/2014 p.1 Officials
unveil Japanese Language School
memorial (il)
T.Weekly 10/17/2014 p.A1 Community honors
Japanese heritage with school monument (il)
(Catalog)979.7 B868B p.118
(Catalog)979.778 B697N
(Catalog)979.778 M271F p.70-76
(Catalog)979.778 M834T

TNT = Tacoma News Tribune
TDL = Tacoma Daily Ledger

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1977: BU-2563Date: 1977
08/02/1996: BN-75Date: 08/02/1996

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