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801 PORTLAND AVE., Tacoma192827 Images
Union Bag & Paper Co.
Albertson, Cornell Bros. & Walsh, contr.
-formerly 801 Canal St., address
changed c.1975
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TDL 9/1/1927 p.1 Big pulp plant, sawmill
to rise on Tideflats here
TDL 11/26/1927 p.1 Ready to build new
pulp mill
TDL 12/15/1927 p.9 $800,000 building
permit is issued for new pulp mill
TDL 12/17/1927 p.2 Firms awarded big
TDL 1/26/1928 p.1 (il under construction)
TDL 4/10/1928 Sec.III p.5 (il under
TDL 5/27/1928 p.G7 Foreign consuls see
Tacoma ... (il under construction)
TDL 6/10/1928 p.A2 (il under construction)
TDL 4/9/1929 Gravure Sec. p.5 (il)
St. Regis Kraft Co.
TDL 7/26/1930 p.1 Big Tideflats paper mill
is in prospect
TDL 5/5/1936 p.1 Pulp firm to spend $1,000,000
TDL 9/6/1936 p.A1 St. Regis building
speeded (il)
TDL 10/14/1936 p.3 New mill to reverse old
ideas; St. Regis cutup plant will be unique
T.Times 11/24/1936 Odor will be eliminated
at St. Regis Kraft plant
TDL 11/25/1936 p.1 St. Regis pulp plant
operating ... rebuilding ears end
TDL 3/28/1937 p.C12 City offers pulp plants
every natural resource (il)
T.Times 4/21/1937 Professor to sniff odor
at pulp plant
T.Times 5/10/1937 ... to eliminate stench
T.Times 9/27/1937 ... to eliminate odors
TNT 11/28/1937 p.B8 $250,000 to end
gas odor (il)
TNT 2/20/1942 p.21 ... new permits (boiler house
addition and drying room)
TNT 4/21/1942 p.B7 Big paper company
plant is expanding (il)
TNT 10/30/1942 p.1 St. Regis to outfit ships;
big pulp plant, ordered to close, plans
gigantic conversion ...
TNT 12/13/1943 p.1 St. Regis plant to reopen
TNT 7/25/1945 "That smell" in the news
TNT 11/1/1946 St. Regis buys land
TNT 1/23/1947 p.1 St. Regis to erect bldg. (to
house storage tanks)
TNT 3/18/1947 p.1 $4,000,000 plant for
Tacoma (paper bag plant)
TNT 7/30/1947 Hope to cut down odor
TNT 8/6/1947 p.1 O.K. huge Tideflat
plant ... odor to be killed
TNT 8/20/1947 p.1 City gets $6,000,000
paper plant
TNT 10/7/1947 p.5 Grant permit to St. Regis
(new precipitator shel)
TNT 12/15/1947 p.1 St. Regis gets permit
TNT 2/17/1948 p.B4,B5 Pulp and paper
industry of Southwest Washington expands (il)
TNT 12/16/1948 p.B8 (addition to offices)
TNT 2/14/1950 (aerial il)
TNT 6/15/1951 p.1 Start big bag plant
TNT 2/17/1952 p.C14 Pulp output rising
as St. Regis grows (il)
TNT 4/6/1952 p.C14 St. Regis construction
(il of new roll storage pit bldg.)
TNT 10/19/1952 Tacoma payroll aided by
new bag plant (il)
TNT 3/11/1957 p.6 St. Regis plant takes
step to cut pollution (il of oxidation tower)
TNT 7/28/1957 p.B6 Coming out party ( il of
cooking digester being replaced)
TNT 9/2/1957 p.C13 New washing system
(interior il)
TNT 12/18/1958 p.A1 Plant to abate
pulp stench
TNT 7/21/1959 p.1 Firm plans $30 million
wing (aerial il)
TNT 11/5/1959 p.A1,C4 $30,000,000 project
begun at St. Regis (il)
TNT 1/3/1960 p.B14 Watch set on teredos
at St. Regis Paper Co.
TNT 4/3/1960 p.A18 Log-gulping, paper-
making machine worth 4 1/2 million is
being installed (new bldg. to house
Western Star papermaking machine) (il)
TNT 5/1/1960 p.B12 Huge lime kiln reaches
St. Regis plant here (il)
TNT 6/23/1960 p.A1 St. Regis adds 9 million
gallons to water use
TNT 9/5/1960 p.C11 (ad,aerial il)
TNT 11/13/1960 p.A18 ... expansion in progress
(il,interior il)
TNT 12/18/1960 p.A6 St. Regis will install
30-inch water main
TNT 2/5/1961 p.B15 New St. Regis plant
work progressing
TNT 3/12/1961 p.A16 St. Regis installing
huge paper making machine (interior il)
TNT 7/25/1961 p.C1-C18 An expanded
industry for Tacoma! (il)
TNT 7/27/1961 p.A1 St. Regis dedicates $30
million expansion (il)
'TNT 12/24/1961 p.A10 St. Regis paper
company works hard spends millions to
alleviate air pollution (il)
TNT 4/29/1962 p.B9 (addition to
continuous digester bldg.)
TNT 5/20/1962 Magazine (aerial il)
TNT 8/22/1962 p.B2 ... will install new
digester (il of Kamyr pulp digester)
TNT 8/31/1962 p.B9 St. Regis Paper Co.
lists more than 500 products
TNT 1/27/1963 "Mountains" of chips new
landmark here; piles fed to paper machines (il)
TNT 4/18/1963 p.A1 Multi-million expansion
by St. Regis on (il of land filling operation)
TNT 8/20/1963 p.B1-B9 New complex
underway at plant (sketch or new veneer
plant, studmill and dry land log handling area)
TNT 10/17/1963 Japanese trio tour
St. Regis ...
TNT 9/6/1964 ... plans $1.5 million in
TNT 7/25/1965 St. Regis incinerator
praised ...
TNT 9/5/1965 St. Regis Co. installs
water protection plants (il)
TNT 2/18/1967 Coffee break kept workers
away from St. Regis explosion area
TNT 2/8/1970 p.B9 St. Regis gears
Tacoma plant for modular home output
(former veneer plant converted to produce
panelized structures and modular homes)
TMT 2/11/1970 New Regis clean water
plant begun
TNT 12/4/1970 St. Regis starts phase 1 in
clarifying effluent (il)
TNT 5/21/1972 St. Regis odor killers well
ahead of schedule (il)
TNT 11/26/1972 St. Regis furnace test
set (il)
TNT 1/25/1981 p.D5 If grocery sacks are
your bag, you'll love the ones ... personally
inspected by ...
TNT 6/27/1981 Film makers to finish location
work at Port (scene for motion picture "An Officer
and a Gentleman" filmed in bldg.)
TNT 7/10/1984 St. Regis: Takeover in
the works
(Catalog)363.37 T142O p.137,141,142,160 (accounts
of fires at plant)
674 Sa2T (il)
674 T119T (il)
(Catalog)917.9778 M177T p.144
Champion International Corp.
TNT 11/21/1984 p.C9 Shareholders approved
the purchase of St. Regis Corp. by Champion
International Corp. for $1.2 billion
TNT 3/29/1985 p.C9 St. Regis pulp mill for
sale again
Simpson Tacoma Kraft
TNT 8/30/1985 p.B2 Simpson takes over
former St. Regis mill on Tideflats
TNT 5/11/1988 Simpson will spruce up
mill in beige with blue accents (sketch)
TNT 8/15/1988 Project update (new bleaching
plant by Ballard Construction Co., contr.) (il)
TNT 9/27/1988 Simpson's kraft mill toasts
$5 million Tideflats cleanup
TNT 9/22/1989 High tech Tideflats; Simpson's
new plant reduces pollution level (new bleach
plant dedicated) (il)
TNT 12/10/1994 p.B1 Wood chip fire burns
into night at Simpson mill
TNT 5/19/1996 p.D1 Sweeter smell of Simpson
Kraft (il)
TNT 8/13/1996 p.C6 Prime local fuels intense
interest in warehouse campus (warehouse bldgs.
for lease built across E. 11th St.)
TNT 1/22/1999 p.A1 Simpson - on the cutting
edge; company will build latest-technology
sawmill on the Tideflats
Business Examiner 2/8/1999 p.16 ... to
expand lumber mill (sketch)
TNT 9/28/1999 p.A1 Simpson plant on
Tideflats could bel up for sale
TNT 12/1/1999 p.A1 Simpson ends attempt
to sell Tideflats mill; it will spend $14 million
to upgrade operations
Business Examiner 5/29/2000 p.11 City
paved way for most refined sawmill in
world (sketch)
TNT 9/28/2000 p.D1 New mill for global
TNT 4/26/2003 p.D1 Broken pulp digester
caused return of Tacoma aroma
TNT 7/15/2003 p.A1 Once polluted, now
full of life; Simpson mudflats a Superfund
success (il)
TNT 7/26/2003 p.D1 Simpson to move
HQ to Tacoma (interior il)
TNT 3/21/2005 p.A1 There's a legal way for dope
to go up in smoke ... burn narcotics at an approved
TNT 2/5/2006 p.D1 High on the log (il)
TNT 4/26/2006 p.B1 Finally, a place to burn drugs
TNT 4/24/2008 p.D1 From wood waste to
watts; Simpson Investment Co. will build power
plant at Tideflats mill
TNT 9/21/2008 p.D1 Simpson's evolution (il)
T.Weekly 4/8/2010 p.A1 Footprint focus;
Simpson Tacoma Kraft examines its impact
on the environment
TNT 6/22/2012 p.A3 Simpson a green model (il)
TNT 5/25/2014 p.A14 Thank you for 29 years
of partnership
RockTenn Co.
TNT 3/4/2014 p.A1 Simpson mill on Tideflats
sold for $343 million (to the RockTenn Co. of
TNT 3/9/2014 p.D1 Self-reliance creates
new world for everyone buying electricity
TNT 5/22/2014 p.A10 New Tacoma mill
owner plans $60 million-plus in improvements
over the next 3 years

TNT = Tacoma News Tribune
TDL = Tacoma Daily Ledger
T.Times = Tacoma Times

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