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1938 PACIFIC AVE., Tacoma190910 Images
F.S. Harmon Co.
C.A. Darmer, arch.
J.E. Bonnell, contr.
-eight stories
-site includes 1938-48 Pacific Ave.
-formerly 1936-46 Pacific Ave.
SEE ALSO: 1949 SO. C. ST.
TDL 8/11/1907 p.16 Big building to be erected
TDL 11/1/1907 p.5 Big block for Pacific Avenue
TDL 1/19/1908 p.21 Nine-story block will be erected
TDL 1/26/1908 p.21 Harmon Block may be twelve stories
TDL 4/5/1908 p.22 Finish repository excavations soon
TDL 5/17/1908 p.22 Harmon plans huge building
TDL 9/6/1908 p.22 Permit issued for the Harmon Block
TDL 11/15/1908 p.35 (il under construction)
TDL 11/22/1908 p.35 Contracts are awarded
TDL 12/27/1908 p.15 Harmon building making progress
TDL 2/14/1909 p.36 Workmen make rapid progress
TDL 2/21/1909 p.33 (il under construction)
TDL 2/28/1909 p.36 Plenty of work for architects
TDL 3/7/1909 p.36 Busy building season is on
TDN 3/13/1909 p.20 (il under construction)
TDL 4/25/1909 p.37 Furniture warehouse is nearly complete
TDL 5/2/1909 p.39 Harmon warehouse completed
TDL 5/16/1909 p.43 Harmon building is now complete
TDN 12/14/191O (il)
TDL 1/1/1911 Suppl. (il)
TDL 1/25/1914 p.20 (il of employees)
TDL 4/24/1922 p.6 (il of employees)
TDL 7/25/1927 p.10 (il)
TDL 9/8/1935 p.B7 Local company has
depression "knocked cold"
TNT 1/6/1953 p.13 Two fires here
TNT 3/26/1961 p.B6 For sale (il)
TNT 4/2/1961 p.C18 Harmon will move plant
TNT 12/9/1962 p.B5 Nine-story building sold
(Catalog)307.76 Un3T p.30,50,96
(Catalog)338.973 P83Pt 1920 p.112 (il), p.116 (interior il); 1923 p.36,37 (il)
(Catalog)363.37 T142O p.86 (account of fire on 10/9/1935)
(Catalog)720.979 D25R p.19
TNT 1/29/1995 p.A1 Restarting the heart of the city (il)
Harmon Brewing Co.
TNT 3/26/1996 p.D1 Five housing projects in business areas seek tax
breaks (Fred Roberson to remodel bldg.)
TNT 1/7/1997 p.B4 Bye-bye bagels (Northwest Bagel Co. moves from
bldg.) (extensive renovation of upper floors in progress)
TNT 2/6/1997 p.B5 More microbreweries are on tap for Tacoma
TNT 12/18/2005 p.E1 Tacoma ghost
sign tour

TNT = Tacoma News Tribune
TDL = Tacoma Daily Ledger

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