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1902 PACIFIC AVE., Tacoma19311995art deco6 Images
Shaub-Ellison Co.
J.B. Garrard, builder & contr.
-opened 1/4/1932
-site includes 1902-06 Pacific Ave.
TDL 6/28/1931 p.D6 Work on new tire home is started here
TDL 8/23/1931 p.A7 (il under construction)
TDL 10/11/1931 p.A9 (il under construction)
TDL 11/1/1931 p.A8 Big station near opening
TDL 12/27/1931 p.A7 ... to move soon
TDL 1/3/1932 p.A7 New home is among finest (il)
TDL 1/10/1932 p.A7 Neighbor first at Saub-Ellison pumps (il)
TDL 1/15/1932 p.9-12 New super-service station opens for formal
inspection (il,interior il)
TDL 7/17/1932 p.A8 (il)
TDL 6/25/1933 p.A7 (interior il)
TDL 7/9/1933 p.A7 (interior il)
TDL 4/29/1934 p.A6 (il)
TDL 1/5/1936 p.A9 (interior il)
TDL 5/24/1936 p.A8 Goodyear "Blue Ribbon" distributors (il)
TNT 3/18/1945 p.A6 25th anniversary (il)
TNT 3/17/1948 p.14 (permit taken for alterations
to balcony)
TNT 3/19/1950 p.A13 30th anniversary (il)
TNT 4/7/1953 p.E6 Pioneers in automotive
services (il)
TNT 9/16/1959 p.B12 (remodeling)
TNT 9/26/1993 UW buys final two properties needed for campus in
Tacoma (bldg. to be demolished)
TNT 8/8/1994 p.B1 Site plans for Tacoma UW branch complete (sketch)
TNT 8/23/1994 p.B2 Hearing set on razing historic building
TNT 8/25/1994 p.B6 Board removes gas station's historic designation
TNT 6/22/1995 p.B2 ... set to be torn down
TNT 6/27/1995 p.B1 Making way for UW (il of demolition)
(Catalog)307.76 Un3T p.48,96
(Catalog)979.778 H628H Vol.I p.436 (il)
(Catalog)979.778 Sh25S
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TNT = Tacoma News Tribune
TDL = Tacoma Daily Ledger

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