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1732-38 PACIFIC AVE., Tacoma18906 Images
Tacoma Grocery Co. / West Coast Grocery Co.
Proctor & Dennis, arch.
-formerly 1816-22 Pacific Ave.
TDL 1/16/1890 p.4 Big buildings galore
TDL 4/16/1891 p.5 New building permits
TDN Annual 1/18/1904 p.28 (il)
TDN Annual 1/16/1905 p.16 (il)
TDL 3/31/1907 (alterations by Cornell
Bros., contr.)
TDN 12/14/1910 (il)
TDL 1/1/1911 Suppl. (il)
TNL 9/2/1917 p.21 Grocery company to add
building (adjoining bldg. at 1740-44 Pacific Ave.
to be connected, "doors will be cut at
each floor")
TDL 2/20/1922 p.6 (il of employees)
TNT 11/19/1946 p.1 Box car on rampage (il)
TNT 4/1/1949 p.35 For sale (il)
TNT 10/13/1950 p.B1 For sale (il)
TNT 2/13/1951 p.B19 For sale (il)
(Catalog)307.76 Un3T p.41,42,59,74-79,96
(Catalog)917.972 Sp4 (il) (?)
(Catalog)979.7 N812 July 1891 p.33 (sketch)
(Catalog)979.72 H91 Vol. II p.26
(Catalog)979.778 H628H Vol. III p.342 (il)
West Coast Grocery Bldg.
University of Washingon, TacomaTNT 8/8/1994 p.B1 Site plans for Tacoma
UW branch complete (sketch)
TNT 5/14/1995 p.A1 Work officially begins
turning warehouses into a new UW-Tacoma
campus (il)
TNT 7/28/1997 p.A1 Old-growth graces new
expansion; timbers for Douglas firs up to
1,000 years old recycled from warehouses
TNT 9/21/1997 p.A1 Where class meets past
TNT 9/27/1997 p.A1 Grand opening for Tacoma's
grand new downtown campus p.B2 Looking back
(architect's sketch of original bldg. proposal in 1890)
TNT 10/9/1997 p.B1 A collection of memories
lost, found
TNT 11/2/1999 p.B2 UW Tacoma will dedicate
public art project Wednesday ("Vertical Penduling"
by artist Dan Senn)
T.Weekly 1/14/2000 p.5 UWT highlights
campus growth (fourth floor to be remodeled
for office space by Lugo Construction, contr.)
TNT 2/28/2000 p.SL1 AMOCAT history is
food for thought (il)
TNT 12/18/2005 p.E1 Tacoma ghost
sign tour
TNT 9/28/2007 p.GO11 ... sweets right here
(Hello, Cupcake opens 8/30/2007 at
1740 Pacific Ave.) (interior il)

TNT = Tacoma News Tribune
TDL = Tacoma Daily Ledger

There are 6 images in the Buildings Index
05/20/1994: BU-12187Date: 05/20/1994
08/03/1996: BN-30Date: 08/03/1996
c1970: BN-306Date: c1970
c1970: BN-305Date: c1970
unknown: BU-12666Date: unknown
unknown: BU-12235Date: unknown

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