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1502-04 PACIFIC AVE., Tacoma18905 Images
Waddell Bldg.
James Waddell, builder
G.C. Clements & Co. / Louis L. Mendel, arch.
Mayer & Spittelhouse, contr. for stone work
James Stevenson, contr. for brick and wood work
-plans for 1911 remodeling at the Univ. of Wash.,
Special Collections Dept.
-site includes 1501-03 Commerce St.
-occupants included: Union Savings Bank,
Del Monte Hotel, Mount Tacoma Barbershop
-bldg. incorporated into new Courtyard
by Marriott Hotel, adjoining, in 2004
TDL 4/27/1890 p.5 (mention)
TDL 5/12/1890 p.5 Work for artisans
TDL 6/3/1890 p.5 Another new bank building
TDL 6/15/1890 p.5 A handsome new block
TDL 7/6/1890 p.6 The Waddell bank block
TDL 9/7/1890 p.5 (progress)
TDL 1/1/1891 permits
TDL 9/5/1909 p.38 Anton Huth buys Waddell Block
TDL 9/24/1911 p.29 (remodeling by Darmer &
Cutting, arch.)
TDL 7/9/1916 p.13 Del Monte Hotel (il)
TNT 9/24/1943 p.9 To dedicate Lutheran
hospice (Lutheran Welfare Society
purchases bldg.) (il)
TNT 12/3/1954 p.1 Store bandit nabbed
here (at Michael Brothers Drug Store)
TNT 12/24/1962 p.A1 Hotel guests flee
blaze (at the Fargo Hotel at 204 So. 15th St.)
TNT 7/24/1978 p.A3 Tony the barber is cutting out
(Mount Tacoma Barbershop to close)
T.Voice 9/25/1997 p.5 Why let these buildings die?
Business Examiner 11/2/1998 p.1 Neighbors
kindled by TRC renovation (il)
T.Reporter 4/8/1999 p.3 Another one bites
the dust
TNT 7/1/1999 p.B1 Downtown doesn't need
another box
TNT 7/13/1999 p.B1 Tacoma trot: 1 step ahead,
2 steps back (demolition proposed)
T.Reporter 7/15/1999 p.3 An ignoble end;
convention center means loss of historic
Waddell Building
TNT 9/5/1999 p.B1 Historic buildings imperiled
TNT 10/3/1999 p.G1 Artist will bring light to
darkest downtown ("Season of Light" project)
T.Weekly 10/22/1999 p.1 Downtown Tacoma -
is it ever going to come back? (il)
TNT 5/1/2000 p.A1 Nostalgia gives way to
rebirth of city core ... businesses ... leaving their
longtime locations ...
Business Examiner 5/13/2002 p.1 Waddell
abatement is first step toward hotel (il of sealed
Waddell Bldg.)
TNT 3/11/2003 p.A1 Facelift for a survivor (il)
TNT 4/23/2003 p.B3 Public hearing will
discuss landmark status for building
T.Weekly 5/2/2003 p.A1 Windows of the past;
local businesses busy restoring historic
Waddell Building
T.Weekly 5/16/2003 p.A2 Hollander breaks
ground on hotel project (il)
Business Examiner 6/9/2003 p.23 Hotel to
have historic building as centerpiece (il)
TNT 11/11/2003 p.D1 Downtown bank likely
to move to Waddell (Union Bank of California)
TNT 9/5/2004 p.A1 (il from Convention Center)
TNT 9/25/2004 p.D1 Tourists take to Tacoma (il)
TNT 11/7/2004 p.B10 Tacoma's a success
story (il)
TNT 3/2/2007 p.D1 Tacoma hotel scene: from
"yuck" to "wow" (il,interior il)
(Catalog)307.76 Un3T p.47,48,49,52,96
(Catalog)363.37 T142O p.128 (account of fire on 12/25/1962 at
the Fargo Hotel at 204 So. 15th St.)
(Catalog)917.972 Sp4 p.20 (il) (SEE: neg. #TPL 1689)

TNT = Tacoma News Tribune
TDL = Tacoma Daily Ledger

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05/20/1994: BU-12182Date: 05/20/1994
05/20/1994: BU-12181Date: 05/20/1994
c1970: BN-249Date: c1970
c1970: BN-248Date: c1970
c1990: BN-346Date: c1990

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