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1123 PACIFIC AVE., Tacoma1921Italian RenaissanceUS 9 Images
National Bank of Tacoma
Sutton, Whitney & Dugan, arch.
Albertson, Cornell Bros. & Walsh, contr.
-Wilkeson sandstone
-plans at TPL
-added to National Register 8/1/2007
-site includes 1121-23 Pacific Ave.
TNT 6/24/1920 p.22 New bank structure will be
handsome (sketch)
TDL 7/26/1920 p.6 (sketch)
TDL 1/2/1921 p.B6 (il)
TDL 2/27/1921 p.B4 New bank home will be
ready early in June (il under construction)
TDL 3/6/1921 p.B5 Bank building will use
central heat
TDL 5/29/1921 p.A11,F1 (special grand
opening suppl.)
TDL 6/5/1921 p.A2 Hundreds inspect bank's
new home p.B5 Concrete given careful testing
(bldg. built to last "decades, even centuries")
TDL 1/1/1922 p.B5 (il)
TDL 1/4/1925 p.B4 (interior il)
TNT 11/30/1927 p.6 (architectural award)
Architect & Eng. Mar. 1928 p.55
TDL 3/28/1937 p.C9 (ad,sketch of interior)
(Catalog)338.973 P83Pt 1921 p.26 (sketch); 1923 p.84 (il)
720 T25T (il)
(Catalog)720.28 Su87A
(Catalog)979.7 W28A Apr. 1928 (il)
National Bank of Washington
T.Times 8/17/1937 Ask right to change name
of bank here
TNT 4/4/1938 p.14 Gold of daffodils fills bank
lobby (interior il)
TNT 11/14/1939 p.1 Tacoma and N.W. jarred by
tremblor ... large stone is thrown from bank building
TNT 4/7/1940 p.A6 To improve bank space
TNT 4/10/1940 p.7 It's tulip time again (interior il)
TNT 8/25/1940 p.C15 Bank has been remodeled
(interior il)
TNT 4/22/1941 p.5 (il)
T.Times 12/3/1941 p.10 (interior il)
TNT 12/4/1941 p.4 Rehabilitation program for
bank now complete (interior il)
TNT 7/15/1951 p.B4 Bank tunnel under 12th
ready soon
TNT 7/29/1951 p.C12 National Bank of
Washington tunnel (il)
TNT 4/11/1954 p.A12 Modernizing is completed (interior
il of third floor)
TNT 10/6/1959 p.13 Bank to raze garage
for parking space
TNT 11/4/1960 p.B1-B5,B8 Oldest bank
modernized and expanded (interior il)
TNT 5/7/1963 p.A1 Vivid optical illusion
results in false alarm
Tacoma Art Museum
-opened 5/25/1971
-Dr. Lester S. Baskin Hall, Sara Little Center for
Design Research, Helen B. Murray Gallery
TNT 1/9/1970 Art Museum to have new home (il)
TNT 1/11/1970 A new era for the Tacoma Art
Museum (interior il)
TNT 5/23/1971 Art Museum open for business
(il,interior il)
Progressive Architecture Mar. 1973 p.42 Old
bank becomes new Tacoma Art Museum
(remodeling by Alan Liddle, arch. and
Charles Rueger, associate arch.)
Interiors Magazine June 1973 p.6-8 Bank
recycled into museum
A.I.A. Journal June 1976 p.34 Tacoma bank
made into an art museum (interior il)
TNT 1/12/1997 p.A1 Tacoma Art Museum
exhibit hailed as "watershed moment";
Catalan Masters in Tacoma
TNT 8/6/2000 p.A1 Growing pains test
TAM ... a look at the history of the museum
Business Examiner 9/3/2001 p.17 TAM is
banking on historic building ... (sketch)
TNT 4/27/2003 p.D3 Old-fashioned tea held
to bid farewell to old building
(Catalog)709.797 M613D
(Catalog)979.778 H628H Vol.III p.96
Asia Pacific Cultural Center
-unofficial opening 10/3/2003
TNT 2/14/2002 p.A1 Asia Pacific Cultural Center
buys museum (sketch)
T.Daily Index 3/8/2002 p.1 ... plans move along (il)
Northwest Asian Weekly 8/10/2002 p.1 Asian
cultural center buying Tacoma Art Museum's
home (sketch)
TNT 4/5/2003 p.B1 Asia center asks for more
funding to meet deadline
Business Examiner 4/14/2003 p.1 Culture center
finds inspiration in setback
Business Examiner 4/28/2003 p.1 How great
thou art? (sketch)
TNT 4/29/2003 p.B2 Funds needed quickly
to buy TAM site
T.Weekly 5/2/2003 p.A1 Time running out
for APCC (sketch)
TNT 7/24/2003 p.D1 Asia Pacific center
has home
Business Examiner 8/4/2003 p.1 Cultural
Center beats deadline for purchase
T.Weekly 10/9/2003 p.A6 World premier
opens new Asia Pacific Cultural Center (Smiles
of Korea exhibit)
Northwest Asian Weekly 5/14/2005 p.1 Asian
cultural center closes its doors; building sold;
future of APCC unclear
Invivo Health Partners
T.Weekly 6/22/2006 p.A3 ... recommended
for historic register
TNT 6/23/2006 p.D1 Coffee-shop dreams become
health care solutions
TNT 11/30/2006 p.B2 Remove false panels, and
viola! (remodeling for Pacific Partners by Rushforth
Construction, contr.) (interior il)
Sound Inpatient Physicians
TNT 11/9/2007 p.D1 Doctors take over bank
(interior il)

TNT = Tacoma News Tribune
TDL = Tacoma Daily Ledger
T.Times = Tacoma Times

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