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734-36 PACIFIC AVE., Tacoma18879 Images
Weeks Bldg.
Farrell & Darmer, arch.
Huntington & Litle, contr.
-completed Dec. 1887
-site includes 733-35 Commerce St.
-occupants included: Drake & Schreiber Wholesale Liquors, Merchants Saloon, Clark & Keating Billiards, Hotel Revere, Zaugg Saloon, Congress Saloon, Apex Lunch, Richards Photo Studio, Tacoma Athletic Commission, Drake's Bar & Dance Club
TDL 8/21/1887 p.8 Captain Ainsworth (bldg. to be duplicate of Fife
Wholesale Block at 718-20 Pacific Ave.)
TDL 12/20/1887 p.8 permits
TDL 1/1/1888 p.6 permits
TDL 1/29/1888 p.5 (Drake & Schreiber Liquors lease bldg.)
TNT 1/25/1946 p.8 New home for club
(remodeling for the Rudder Club at
735 Commerce St. by Lea, Pearson, &
Richards, arch. and Bonnell Construction,
contr.) (sketch) (plans at TPL)
TNT 12/6/1949 p.1 Rudder Club gets permit
TNT 12/10/1950 p.D15 Grand opening (il of
the Tropics Restaurant at 735 Commerce St.)
TNT 3/23/1956 p.1 Former Rudder Club
to be new home for TAC
TNT 4/24/1956 p.7 TAC moves into new location
TNT 6/1/1956 p.4 TAC opening new quarters (interior il of Tacoma
Athletic Commission at 735 Commerce St.)
TNT 1/29/1995 p.A1 Restarting the heart of the city (interior il of
Drake's Bar & Dance Club)
(Catalog)917.972 T37 p.177 (ad for Drake & Schreiber Liquors)
-print at TPL (General Coll., Richards Coll.)

TNT = Tacoma News Tribune
TDL = Tacoma Daily Ledger

There are 9 images in the Buildings Index
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