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714-16 PACIFIC AVE., Tacoma18884 Images
Kaufman-Wolff Bldg.
M. Kaufman & W. Wolff, builder
Farrell & Darmer, arch.
Dougan & Bringham, contr.
-site includes 713-15 Commerce St.
-occupants included: Sperry & Spengemann,
G.L. Holmes Furniture, Wallerstein Candies,
Edwin Chambers Auto Supplies, Soldiers & Sailors
Club House, War Camp Community Service,
Edward B. Rhodes Post - American Legion,
Sutherland Tire Co., Tire Supply Co., B. Wingard &
Sons Butchers' Supply Co., United Service
Organization (U.S.O.), Footprinters' Club
TDL 3/9/1888 p.4 Another big brick store
TDL 4/13/1888 p.8 Some new buildings
TDL 5/20/1888 p.6 permits
TDL 11/18/1888 p.5 A handsome store (Sperry & Spengemann takes space
at 714 Pacific Ave.); A large furniture store (G.L. Holmes takes space
at 716 Pacific Ave.)
TDL 10/21/1892 p.3 How they are made (L. Wallerstein Candies at
714 Pacific Ave.)
TDL 12/31/1905 p.16 (Geo. Sennes purchases bldg. from F.D. Black and
F.W. Baker)
TDL 3/8/1914 p.20 (il of Edwin Chambers Co. at 714 Pacific Ave.)
TNL 12/2/1917 p.19 Soldiers Club to be finished soon (remodeling for
Soldiers and Sailors Club House at 716 Pacific Ave. by Woodroofe,
Griffin & Hill, arch. and C.A. Beil, contr.)
TNL 3/10/1918 p.A7 Soldiers' Club opening now is set for April 1
TNL 3/31/1918 p.A6 Handsome new clubhouse to be opened Friday
TDN 4/6/1918 p.2 Soldiers Club formally opened
TNL 4/21/1918 p.A6 Soldiers Club used by many service men every day
TDL 12/14/1919 p.B10 (il of Soldiers and Sailors Club House)
TDL 1/16/1921 p.B3 Will ask citizens to buy clubhouse
TDL 3/19/1922 Suppl. p.4 (il of Soldiers and Sailors Club House)
TDL 12/31/1922 p.D5 (interior il of American Legion quarters at
715 Commerce St.)
TNT 5/26/1926 American Legion Building is sold
TDL 5/30/1926 p.E8 Local man buys Legion building
TDL 7/11/1926 p.E8 (alterations at 714 Pacific Ave. for J.O. Thomas
by C.A. Beil, contr.)
TDL 9/12/1926 p.G13 ... new home is unique (Sutherland Tire Co. at
716 Pacific Ave. features "Spanish Mission store fron")
TDL 9/26/1926 p.G3 New tire home features novel arrangement (il,
interior il of Sutherland Tire Co.)
TDL 4/3/1927 p.G4 (il of Sutherland Tire Co.)
TDL 8/28/1927 p.G8 (il of Sutherland Tire Co.)
TDL 6/21/1931 p.A9 ... announces new location (il of Tire Supply Co.)
TNT 7/14/1938 p.1 Flames gut plant here (fire at B. Wingard & Sons
Butchers' Supply Co. at 713-15 Commerce St.)
TNT 9/6/1942 p.A12 Everyone has fun ("USO center for colored service
men" at 715 Commerce St. dedicated 9/4/1942) (interior il)
TNT 2/3/1944 p.2 USO quarters on Commerce
to be enlarged (Mock & Morrison, arch.)
TNT 7/20/1944 p.8 USO dedicates
center Sunday
TNT 7/23/1944 p.A11 USO Center
open house
TNT 2/28/1946 p.1 100 soldiers defy police
TNT 8/21/1947 p.13 Open club on Monday
(il of the Footprinters' Club at 713-15 Commerce St.)

TNT = Tacoma News Tribune
TDL = Tacoma Daily Ledger

There are 4 images in the Buildings Index
07/27/1996: BN-12Date: 07/27/1996
c.1918: BU-13189Date: c.1918
c1970: BN-155Date: c1970
c1970: BN-126Date: c1970

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