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621 PACIFIC AVE., Tacoma1887US Wa City 21 Images
Northern Pacific Headquarters Bldg.
Charles B. Talbot, arch.
W.M. Shipley, stone contr.
Langford & Bridges, brick contr.
Tacoma Lumber & Manufacturing Co.,
interior contr.
-construction begun 8/15/1887
-south wing of bldg. demolished and reconstructed
as jail in 1929, jail wing again demolished in 1974
-rehab c.1983
-added to Tacoma Register by Resolution
No.23159, 1/2/1975
-added to National Register 5/4/1976
-site includes 617-25 Pacific Ave., 119 So. 7th St.
-formerly 661 Pacific Ave., 651 Pacific Ave.
-partial plans at TPL
TDL 3/6/1887 p.4 The Northern Pacific building
TDL 4/3/1887 p.4 The big brick building
TDL 8/14/1887 p.4 New Northern Pacific building
(city to vacate part of street to allow for larger
bldg. site)
TDL 8/16/1887 p.8 Bricks for the big building
TDL 8/26/1887 p.8 The building era (description)
TDL 9/21/1887 p.5 (progress)
TDL 9/25/1887 p.8 The big headquarters building
TDL 10/29/1887 p.8 (progress)
TDL 12/15/1887 p.8 (contract let)
TDL 1/1/1888 p.6 permits
TDL 1/12/1888 p.5 (progress)
TDL 2/25/1888 p.4 (progress)
TDL 5/2/1888 p.4 Something about the heavy
cornices of the splendid structure
TDL 5/13/1888 p.5 (contract for interior let)
TDL 7/25/1888 p.4 (progress)
TDL 9/8/1888 p.8 Into Headquarters
TDL 10/28/1888 p.8 The Headquarters Building
TDL 10/31/1888 p.6 At Headquarters Building
TDL 8/18/1889 p.3 Woman's exchange
TDL 9/4/1889 p.5 Dainty and pretty
TDL 3/1/1900 p.3 Offices are now selected
(Weyerhaeuser Co.)
TDL 6/24/1900 p.13 Painting the building
TNT 11/23/1932 Museum to get weather vane
(original bldg. weather vane to be donated
to the Ferry Museum)
TNT 6/6/1934 In Tacoma's family album (interior
il of ticket office c.1894)
TNT 11/20/1960 p.B1 Out of Tacoma's past
(il of 1917 Labor Day Parade)
(Catalog)352.3 G42S p.7 (il)
385 N711N p.24 (il)
385 W85N p.51 (il)
(Catalog)720.28 L235L Vol.II No.4 p.8, Vol.IV No.4 p.28
(Catalog)917.972 Sp4
(Catalog)979.7 N812 Oct. 1888 p.6 (sketch)
(Catalog)979.72 H91 Vol.I p.385,414
(Catalog)979.7788 G1351D p.29,30 (il)
(Catalog)979.7788 K355T p.51 (interior il)
B R482Rg (il of blueprint making on the roof)
City Hall Annex / Public Safety Bldg.
-plans for remodeling c.1922 by
M.J. Nicholson, arch. at TPL
-plans for remodeling c.1929 by
H.E. Flickinger, arch. at TPL
-plans for remodeling c.1950 by
A. Gordon Lumm, arch. at TPL
TDL 3/28/1920 p.B4 $300,000 bond issue
to make this building a realty ... (sketch of proposed
public safety bldg. by Roland E. Borhek, arch.)
TDL 4/6/1922 Railroad sells for $50,000
(city purchases bldg.)
TDL 4/23/1922 p.A4 Plan offices for City
Hall Annex
TDL 3/5/1928 p.1 Four bond issues are classed
as public safety measures
TDL 3/14/1928 p.1 Tacoma bond issues carry
TDL 4/7/1928 p.3 City's engineers to plan stations
(M.J. Nicholson, arch. for remodeling)
TDL 4/10/1928 p.1 City Annex work to be let
in June
TDL 4/17/1928 p.3 Storm damage in city heavy;
weather vane stands
TDL 4/19/1928 p.1 Annex to City Hall will not
be remodeled (proposal for new bldg. on
Commerce St.)
TDL 4/26/1928 p.7 Joint building snags are seen
TDL 8/21/1928 p.1 Sale of annex O.K. if
$85,000 (proposed sale of bldg.)
TDL 11/8/1928 p.1 City Hall Annex will be rebuilt
(south half of bldg. to be reconstructed)
TDL 3/17/1929 p.D10 Razes landmark for new
jail site (south wing of bldg. demolished)
TDL 4/21/1929 p.D10 (il of demolition)
TDL 5/19/1929 p.A4 City building progressing
(Eivind Anderson, contr. for remodeling)
TDL 10/13/1929 p.A8 New city jail acquires
homelike touch (interior il)
TNT 3/16/1938 p.1 Annex hit by flames
TNT 10/16/1938 p.1 Fire hits City Hall Annex
TNT 12/23/1938 p.17 Would link buildings
TNT 4/25/1939 p.15 (il c.1890)
TNT 12/7/1939 p.1 (il c.1890)
TNT 11/17/1943 p.19 Bigger jail for women
T.Times 11/17/1943 Women police, pawn
shop detail are moved into City Hall annex
TNT 3/30/1944 p.1 Before and after
(interior il of women's jail)
TNT 11/15/1946 p.1 New police hdqts. planned
here (proposal by Mock & Morrison, arch.)
TNT 8/23/1950 p.10 Donated by official (il of
second floor shoe shine stand donated by
James T. Kerr)
TNT 12/8/1950 p.1 Fleeing bunny reminds
police of olden days
TNT 4/20/1951 p.12 Friday moving day
for city police dept.
TNT 10/15/1951 p.1 First session in new court
(interior il of police court)
TNT 3/2/1952 p.A16 Air raid shelters ...
TNT 8/31/1952 p.A3 Open house Wednesday
for new police "lab"
TNT 6/18/1953 p.D3 Judge tosses towel;
noise beats justice
TNT 9/17/1953 p.B10 Safety door installed
at City Jail (interior il)
TNT 1/20/1954 p.1 Dares death in escape
from jail; woman flees ... (il)
TNT 3/1/1954 p.3 Woman hangs herself
in City Jail
TNT 10/12/1954 p.6 Rookie patrolman
discharges gun at police station
TNT 5/19/1955 p.A1 Hangs himself in
City Jail
TNT 10/24/1955 p.1 Tacoma jail escape
try foiled
TNT 3/17/1957 p.A16 Jail easy to enter,
harder to leave
Allied Arts Center / Tacoma Art Museum
-partial plans at TPL
TNT 8/3/1958 p.A1,C12 Rogues' gallery to art
gallery? Police station sought as art center (il)
TNT 8/5/1958 p.10 Police Bldg. art center
wins favor (il, sketch of proposal by
Alan Liddle, arch.)
TNT 10/12/1958 p.D13 City jail holds promise
of becoming Tacoma's fine arts stronghold (il)
TNT 3/9/1959 p.1 Hymn singers mask
jail prisoner's escape
TNT 5/25/1959 p.1 Police all set for big move
TNT 6/23/1959 p.32 Allied Art to show model
of building plan
TNT 6/28/1959 p.C14 Model spurs drive
for art center (il of model)
TNT 7/12/1959 p.D12 How art center may
look (floor plan)
TNT 9/13/1959 p.A1 Public Safety Bldg.
could be fine arts center (sketch)
TNT 10/6/1959 p.2 Art center plan favored
TNT 10/8/1959 p.A1 Weyerhaeuser revealed
as art "angel"
TNT 12/15/1959 p.1 Art center lease voted
TNT 5/10/1960 p.A1 Allied Arts trims its
plans for Art Center
TNT 5/14/1961 p.D1,D8 Allied Arts of
Tacoma (sketch)
TNT 10/5/1961 p.A1,A11 Anyone in market
for City 's spare jail (interior il)
TNT 11/1/1961 p.C10 Safety Bldg. lease
given to art group
TNT 11/30/1961 p.A1 New life for old
building (il)
TNT 12/15/1961 p.A6 Allied Arts center
to get new sign
TNT 2/28/1962 p.A9 $5,000 for renovation
of Safety Building OKd
TNT 3/4/1962 p.D12 Arts center renovation
to begin (sketch)
TNT 3/15/1962 p.A8 Allied Arts begins remodeling
project (interior il)
TNT 5/3/1962 p.A8 Allied Arts paint primers
(interior il)
TNT 5/20/1962 p.D12 Arts center dedication
date set (interior il)
TNT 6/3/1962 p. A1Allied Arts home dedication
near (il,interior il)
TNT 6/5/1962 p.3 Old Safety Building
opened as art center
TNT 7/15/1962 p.A1 Art Center far cry
from old days (interior il)
TNT 10/28/1962 p.A8 ... approved for
fallout shelters
TNT 3/4/1963 p.4 Proposition 5 (bldg.
proposed for demolition) (il)
TNT 3/10/1963 p.A1 Art League plans
move to center
TNT 4/26/1963 p.A2 Old city jail entered
by burglars
TNT 5/29/1963 p.C3 Art League changes
name to Museum (Tacoma Art Museum)
TNT 7/21/1963 p.D10 Professional director
starts work for Art Museum (interior il)
TNT 1/5/1964 p.D11 Tacoma Art
Museum to welcome public at open
house (interior il)
(Catalog)709.797 M613D p.45,81
Headquarters Bldg. / One Pacific Bldg.
TNT 5/27/1964 p.C9 Destruction of Old City Hall
Annex vowed
TNT 4/7/1968 Demolition day looms for
Tacoma landmark
TNT 4/28/1968 Tacoma's doomed dome (il)
TNT 5/22/1968 Public Safety Building may
be spared
TNT 6/5/1968 Two decisions face Tacoma
TNT 7/17/1968 ... annex won't be demolished
TNT 2/28/1969 Old Annex gets a bath (il)
TNT 7/27/1969 Old City Hall Annex begins to
take shape ... (developer John Wallerich to
remodel) (interior il)
TNT 12/21/1969 City Hall Annex will be reborn
(remodeling by Wm. R. Hocking, arch. and
Brynestad Builders, contr.)
TNT 12/27/1970 ... "Ugliest Building" candidates
TNT 8/15/1971 Old police annex nears
completion, seeking occupants (sketch)
TNT 4/24/1974 Ball and chain strike back
(il of demolition of former jail / south wing of bldg.)
TNT 8/6/1974 City, owner wrangle over
annex's future
TNT 8/25/1974 Area landmarks (sketch)
TNT 11/30/1975 Old NP headquartes may
become landmark
TNT 6/14/1976 Old NP building now officially
historic (il)
TNT 7/24/1977 Plaques to commemorate 5
historic landmarks (il)
TNT 4/4/1979 Old rail building gets boost
TNT 6/12/1979 One NP plan dies, another is born
TNT 11/1/1979 Grant to be sought for NP building
TNT 11/11/1979 Dream of restored NP building
promised fulfillment (sketch)
TNT 7/4/1981 Old NP Building good buy for
right person - agent (il)
TNT 5/9/1982 p.G7 Developers eye renovation
of former NP headquarters (il)
TNT 3/20/1991 p.B5 Restored office building
going on block
TNT 9/26/2003 p.B1 High time for a break
(il of dome being painted)
(Catalog)720.28 L235L Vol.II No.4 p.8 Tacoma's NP
Building converted to offices (remodeling by
The Harris Architects, arch. for Touchstone
Development, Limited) (il in 1888)
(Catalog)720.979 T119TR p.13-15,27-30 (rehab c.1983
by The Harris Architects, arch. and Darrell Adams
and Pease & Son, Inc., contr.) (il)

TNT = Tacoma News Tribune
TDL = Tacoma Daily Ledger
T.Times = Tacoma Times

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