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1902-04 JEFFERSON AVE., Tacoma1913Swiss9 Images
Swiss Hall
Heath & Gove, arch.
O.F. Larson, contr.
-site includes 1901-03 Market St.,
320 So. 19th St.
-the Swiss Society opened their first
hall in 1903, located in the F. Wild Block
at 1906-16 Jefferson Ave. (SEE ALSO)
-Swiss Tavern opened 4/28/1993
TDL 4/6/1913 p.20 Swiss Society will erect
five stories
TDN 5/17/1913 p.7 (sketch)
TDL 5/18/1913 p.22 (sketch)
TDL 7/20/1913 p.24 Work on Swiss Hall begins
in two weeks
TDL 12/7/1913 p.21 Swiss to dedicate $60,000
TDL 5/9/1937 p.B8 Alterations at Swiss Hall
are started
TNT 12/18/1938 p.B9 (new chandelier installed)
TNT 3/24/1939 p.6 Carlisle Beverage distributing
firm in Tacoma for past 10 years (il)
TNT 4/26/1939 p.26 Swiss to celebrate
anniversary ... (il)
TNT 10/5/1939 p.6 Dance and banquet to
mark 50 years of history here
TNT 1/20/1952 p.D11 Swiss to entertain
TNT 6/21/1954 p.16 Nab burglar red-handed
TNT 11/29/1954 p.13 Rock tossed through
pane, tavern looted
TNT 5/22/1963 p.A1 Armed bandit robs
Swiss Hall Tavern
TNT 12/27/1970 ... "Ugliest Building" candidates
TNT 4/13/1980 p.A11 Time machine (il)
TNT 10/16/1992 p.B1 Swiss Society leaves historic
hall to make room for UW (il)
(Catalog)307.76 Un3T p.41,96 (il)
Swiss Tavern
-opened 4/28/1993 by
Gayl Bertagni, Bob Hill and
Jack McQuade
TNT 6/20/1993 p.I12 With their love for a
building, a tavern is reborn
TNT 4/22/1994 p.F5 Blue-collar Swiss has
something worth yodeling about (Swiss Tavern/
"The Swiss")
TNT 1/29/1995 p.A1 Restarting the heart
of the city
TNT 6/18/1997 p.SL1 The Swiss legacy; Swiss
Hall filled hole for immigrants (interior il)
T.Voice 7/17/1997 p.8 Art glass meets beer
glass; the permanent (Dale) Chihuly exhibit at
the Swiss Tavern
TNT 1/19/1998 p.B1 A-one and a-two and
a barrel of fun ... bar in downtown Tacoma turns
into a polka palace
TNT 3/2/2003 p.A1 Club fire could happen
here (interior il)
Ranger 4/24/2003 Swiss Pub turns 10 (il)
TNT 4/24/2003 p.E1 The Swiss clocks 10 years ...
Chihuly and the Swiss (interior il)
TNT 11/5/2003 p.A1 Two Tacoma races too
close to call (interior il)
TNT 12/12/2003 p.GO12 For one night only,
band was the Swiss Cheese Incident (mention of
appearance by the String Cheese Incident)
TNT 12/24/2006 p.D1 Tacoma's underground
economy (interior il)
TNT 4/6/2008 p.E1 Got a blues thing going
(interior il)
TNT 5/24/2009 p.B1 Accident kills co-owner of
The Swiss (death of Gayl Bertagni)
(Catalog)748.2 C4357H p.87 (il of the "Venetian Group"
glass art by artist Dale Chihuly)

TNT = Tacoma News Tribune
TDL = Tacoma Daily Ledger

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