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Carlton Hotel
Anton Huth, builder
C.A. Darmer, arch.
Peterman, contr.
-opened 8/7/1909
-named for Anton Huth's son, Carlton
-later occupied by the Earle Hotel
-rehab c.1985, renamed Carlton Center
-adjoining parking garage at 1548 Commerce St.
added in 1987, improved in 1992
-site includes 1550-56 Jefferson Ave.,
1549-55 Broadway, 1550-56 Commerce St.
-partial plans at the Univ. of Wash.,
Special Collections Dept.
TDL 9/15/1907 p.17 Contemplates fine hotel (Huth
purchases lots)
TDL 10/27/1907 p.38 Another hotel is projected
TDL 11/3/1907 p.39 (construction delayed due
to City's sidewalks encroaching on property)
TDL 8/14/1908 p.5 A. Huth's six-story hotel
TDL 8/30/1908 p.23 (Western Truck Co., contr.
for excavation)
TDL 9/13/1908 p.35 Builders unearth stump
of old tree
TDL 10/11/1908 p.35 (progress)
TDL 11/15/1908 p.35 (progress)
TDL 11/22/1908 p.35 Contracts are awarded
TDL 12/6/1908 p.27 (progress)
TDL 1/31/1909 p.36 New Huth hotel four stories up
TDL 2/14/1909 Workmen make rapid progress
TDL 2/21/1909 p.33 (il under construction)
TDL 3/7/1909 p.36 Busy building season is on
TDN 3/12/1909 p.10 (il under construction)
TDL 3/28/1909 p.44 Rapid progress ...
TDL 5/16/1909 p.44 New hotel to open in July (il)
TDL 6/20/1909 p.37 New hotel nearly complete
T.Times 8/6/1909 p.8 Grand opening (ad,il)
TDL 8/7/1909 p.7 Carlton Hotel open to public
T.Tribune 1/16/1913 p.1 Fenton H. Goss is suicide
in Tacoma hotel
TDL 1/17/1913 p.5 Goss carries out threat
of suicide
TDL 2/19/1913 (il)
TDL 11/2/1913 p.1 Police quell rioters after
football contest
TNL 2/3/1918 p.A12 Carlton pleases him
(Carroll Davis purchases bldg.)
T.Times 8/25/1925 Many interesting features
are noted in Hotel Carlton pictures (il,interior il)
TNT 1/10/1949 p.1 Jail three in holdup
TNT 4/7/1949 Carlton Hotel property sold
(purchased by Frank Magrini)
TNT 5/23/1950 p.4 (alterations by
C.F. Davidson Co., contr.)
TNT 10/20/1950 p.17 (permit for alterations
taken by Mrs. Dorothy Harridine)
TNT 12/16/1951 p.A1 Magrini denies that
he ran out (mention that Frank Magrini
named the Earle Hotel)
TNT 3/2/1952 p.A16 Air raid shelters ...
TNT 7/23/1956 p.1 Three injured in two
downtown hotel fires
TNT 2/15/1957 p.6 Sold to Widbey man
(Clifford Toskey purchases bldg. from
Frank Magrini) (il)
TNT 4/23/1959 p.D5 Man found shot
in hotel
TNT 1/18/1960 p.9 Woman, four tots
survive car run away (il)
TNT 3/29/1961 p.A16 Tavern bandit quickly
caught with money (incident at the
1555 Broadway Tavern)
TNT 8/10/1964 p.21 Fireman hurt in hotel
fire; $4,700 loss
TNT 2/17/1978 p.C11 Hotel's heat off;
elders must move
TNT 2/24/1978 Troubled hotel owner to
sell the Carlton
TNT 3/3/1978 p.A3 Ex-owner takes over hotel
TNT 3/7/1978 p.B13 Heat stirs circulation
back into listless hotel
TNT 5/11/1978 Fire injures hotel resident
TNT 11/26/1978 Restoring old glory to hotel
TNT 8/10/1979 Morning fire hits Carlton Hotel
apartment (il)
TNT 11/4/1984 p.I3 Rescue Mission eyes Carlton
as new home (il)
(Catalog)307.76 Un3T p.39
(Catalog)338.973 P83Pt 1918 p.62 (il)
(Catalog)720.979 D25R p.19
(Catalog)917.972 Of3P p.4 (interior iI)
(Catalog)917.972 T11Co p.24 (il)
Carlton Center
TNT 8/17/1985 p.F1 (bldg. rehab)
TNT 7/25/1992 p.B4 Among office renovations,
the Carlton is underappreciated gem
TNT 7/13/2002 p.A1 City buying hotel for more
than its worth (for City computer project) (il)
TNT 7/17/2003 p.A1 Buy, don't lease, Tacoma
leaders decide
Business Examiner 8/5/2002 p.9 UWT doesn't
have designs on Carlton (il)
TNT 10/22/2003 p.B1 Tacoma owns building,
but workers can't use it; Federal deal came
with caveats ...
T.Weekly 10/23/2003 p.A1 City struggles
with role as Carlton landlord (il)

TNT = Tacoma News Tribune
TDL = Tacoma Daily Ledger
T.Times = Tacoma Times

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