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2500 SO. HOLGATE ST., Tacomac1891US Wa City 9 Images
Pacific Brewing & Malting Co. Complex
C.A. Darmer, arch.
-built from c.1891 through 1916
-after Prohibition was enacted became home of the National Cocoanut Butter Co., National Cocoanut Soap Co.
-partial plans at the Univ. of Wash., Special Collections Dept.
-added to Tacoma Register by Resolution No.23805, 3/13/1976
-added to National Register 7/31/1978
-site includes 2510,2512,2514 &
2524 So. C St.
SEE ALSO: TPL Catalog/Clipping File
TDL 7/3/1898 (il)
TDL 7/15/1900 p.9 Best brew house on North Coast (new bldgs. by
J.C. Dickson, contr.)
TDL 9/7/1902 p.20 (permit for new bldg. by C.A. Darmer, arch. and
A. Berens, contr.)
TDL 10/18/1903 p.19 ... to put up stockhouse
TDL 11/1/1903 p.19 (stockhouse by J.C. Dickson, contr.)
TDN Annual 1/18/1904 p.46 (il)
TDN 6/29/1905 (sketch)
TDL 3/15/1908 p.22 Plans fine plant
TDL 5/10/1908 p.22 Doing speedy work on cooling plant
TNT 1/--/1910 (list of saloons and cafes affiliated with Pacific
Brewing & Malting)
TDL 1/9/1912 Suppl. p.34 (ad for "Tacoma Beer") (il)
TDL 2/19/1913 (sketch)
TDL 5/11/1913 p.20 New $15,000 building (stable & warehouse by
Darmer & Cutting, arch. and O.F. Larson, contr.)
TDL 6/22/1913 p.28 $20,000 stables nearing completion (il)
TDL 12/14/1913 p.22 (il of employees)
TDL 1/25/1914 Anniversary Edition p.28,43 (il)
TDL 3/21/1915 p.25 (il of delivery truck)
TNL 3/3/1918 p.B6 Factory starts here to make oil products of
copra (new bldgs. for cocoanut products division)
TDL 11/17/1918 p.B7 (alterations by I.H. Hill, arch.)
TDL 5/11/1919 p.B6 New industry now operating
TDL 10/12/1919 p.B5 Cocoanut butter is made in Tacoma
TDL 1/30/1921 p.B5 Tacoma concern producing soap
TDL 2/6/1921 p.B1 (ad,il)
TDL 5/22/1921 p.B5 High grade soaps produced in city (il)
TDL 10/1/1922 p.E4 Tacoma home of high grade soap (il)
TNT 7/31/1955 p.C17 Seattle firm finds
home in Tacoma (Pacific Chemical Manufacturing
Co. purchases bldg. at 2511 So. Holgate St.)
TNT 11/1/1957 p.B3 What goes on here?
Quaint lamp post at 25th and Holgate (il)
TNT 10/28/1973 p.E10 The subject is suds ... (proposed remodeling as
tavern and restaurant) (il,interior il)
TNT 3/1/1978 p.A5 Two buildings urged as U.S. landmarks (il)
TNT 9/16/1978 City brewery historic stuff (bldg. placed on the
National Register)
(Catalog)307.76 Un3T p.27,28,97
(Catalog)720.979 D25R (see index)
920 P41 p.63 (sketch)
Rainier Connect
TNT 4/17/2008 p.D1 New on tap:
Rainier Connect; telecom company
buys historic buildings ...

TNT = Tacoma News Tribune
TDL = Tacoma Daily Ledger

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