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1152-56 FAWCETT AVE., Tacoma18891989US Wa City 3 Images
Astor House / Samson Hotel
H. Fales, builder
F.A. Sexton, arch.
August Cultum, contr.
-originally named the Astor House,
changed shortly after completion
to the Cleveland Hotel, renamed
the Samson c.1901
-demolished in 1989 after being
damaged by fire
-removed from National Register 7/16/1990
TDL 11/14/1889 p.4 Probate court (description)
TDL 1/1/1890 p.9 permits
TDL 2/10/1890 p.5 Improvements progressing
TDL 5/28/1890 p.5 Work on the Astor Building
(Talbot & Halberton, owners)
TDL 8/15/1892 p.1 Shot and stabbed
TDL 5/26/1900 p.1 Cold blooded crime
(murder in Room No.11, same room as
murder of 1892) (research indicates it was
not the same room)
TDL 5/28/1900 p.3 House has name for
many brawls
TDL 5/26/1901 p.5 Samson gets damages
(after purchase of hotel)
TDL 3/2/1902 p.3 Hotel Samson opens
T.Evening News 1/12/1903 p.5 (ad,il)
TDN 1/16/1905 p.63 (ad,sketch)
TDL 8/3/1913 p.6 (ad,sketch)
TDL 5/13/1928 p.E8 Samson Hotel will be
turned into apartment (il)
TDL 9/30/1928 p.E8 ... resold in deal
TNT 4/19/1948 p.5 (permit taken to fireproof bldg.)
TNT 4/1/1973 Old turret and arches (sketch)
TNT 11/19/1974 Local apartments added
to state historical list
TNT 11/24/1974 Old Samson Hotel defies
wrecking ball
TNT 3/19/1975 Samson Hotel added to
historic-place registry (added to the National
Register) (il)
TNT 5/25/1975 Fawcett structure urged
as landmark
TNT 6/4/1975 City designates hotel historic
TNT 3/31/1978 Fire forces evacuation of
historic apartment building (il)
TNT 5/24/1978 This fire just a li'l squirt
TNT 5/28/1982 Old apartment labeled firetrap (il)
TNT 6/1/1982 Samson fire safety
improvements made
TNT 6/29/1986 Two injured fighting fire
at Samson
TNT 7/1/1986 ... fire may be the end
TNT 7/7/1986 p.B2 City trying second time
to get Samson razed (il)
TNT 9/20/1987 p.A1 Flames bring end of era
to Tacoma landmark (il)
TNT 9/26/1988 p.B1 Apartments may fall -
at city's expense (il)
TNT 1/17/1989 p.B1 No reprieve for fire-ruined
landmark, city decides
TNT 1/29/1989 Misfortune has stalked
once-elegant Samson Hotel (il)
TNT 4/14/1989 p.B1 Beyond repair, Samson
torn down (il)
City of Destiny Newsletter Winter 2013 p.7
Historic marker from vanished landmark
transferred to THS: A personal reflection
of the Samson Hotel (il)
(Catalog)363.37 T142O p.162 (account of fire
on 3/30/1978
(Catalog)917.972 Am35S p.19 (il)
(Catalog)979.778 M364T p.70 (il)
City Directory 1892 p.225 (ad,sketch)

TNT = Tacoma News Tribune
TDL = Tacoma Daily Ledger

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