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625 COMMERCE ST., Tacoma1893Italian RenaissanceUS Wa City 28 Images
Old City Hall
E.A. Hatherton, arch.
Traves & Co., contr.
-bldg. originally planned for 9th & Broadway,
bldg. sites traded with the Chamber
of Commerce
-"fifteenth-century Italian town hall architecture"
-six stories, 133 ft. x 90 ft.
-tower 187 ft., 32 ft. sq.
-became "Old" City Hall when the
County-City Bldg. opened in 1959
-saved from demolition and restored as
shopping center from 1969 to 1974
(grand opening 11/2/1974)
-added to National Register 5/17/1974
-added to Tacoma Register by Resolution
No.23038, 10/8/1974
-converted into office bldg. in 1980
-plans at TPL
SEE ALSO: TPL Catalog/Clipping File
TDL 3/20/1884 The city building (proposed
bldg. by Wm. Farrell, arch.)
TDL 5/29/1889 p.5 Now for a city hall
TDL 6/13/1889 p.4 City hall plans
TDL 7/11/1890 p.5 The new city hall
TDL 7/25/1890 p.5 The new city hall
TDL 8/10/1890 p.11 (sketch of proposed bldg.)
TDL 5/14/1891 p.3 Work on the city hall
TDL 5/28/1891 p.5 The trade moving on
TDL 7/12/1891 p.5 Will swap the sites
TDL 9/6/1891 p.5 Bids for City Hall
TDL 10/26/1891 p.5 The new City Hall (il)
TDL 6/27/1892 p.6 Will soon be under roof
TDL 9/16/1892 p.5 The City Hall tower
TDL 11/13/1892 p.3 City Hall all right (details
of inspection architects Farrell, Dennis
and Haywood)
TDL 12/16/1892 p.3 (contracts let for
finishing work)
TDL 1/1/1893 p.15 The year's brick buildings
TDL 2/24/1893 p.3 A receiver appointed
for Traves & Co.
TDL 3/17/1893 p.3 Tacoma's civic home
TDL 3/23/1893 p.3 A permanent receiver
TDL 4/25/1893 p.5 Moving into the City Hall
TDL 4/27/1893 p.4 The new City Hall accepted
TDL 4/30/1893 p.5 The City Councilmen hold
a love feast in honor of the removal
TDL 5/4/1893 p.3 What the City Hall cost
TDL 5/7/1893 p.5 Press the nail and
whistle (elevator)
TDL 5/13/1893 p.5 In spacious quarters
(Tacoma Public Library)
Library Journal Mar. 1895 p.77 Some
libraries of the Northwest (interior il)
TDL 3/22/1903 p.1O Tacoma's tower of
electric lights (il)
TDL 9/25/1904 p.5 Chime clock for City Hall
(gift of Mr. & Mrs. Hugh C. Wallace)
TDL 4/30/1905 p.25 Mildred Fuller Wallace
Memorial Clock (il,full page article)
TDN 6/29/1905 (il)
TDN 2/11/1907 p.1 The bombardment begins
tomorrow (cartoon of "boosters" on tower
of bldg.)
TNL 3/4/1917 p.8 City Hall boasts "Orpheus"
of own
TDL 2/29/1920 p.A9 Raise efficiency
of city offices (2nd floor remodeled)
TDL 5/16/1920 p.B5 Plans proposed to
remodel jail
TDL 4/8/1924 p.2 City Hall near fire
from acid
TDL 8/15/1926 p.E8 Police station to
have larger space (remodeling by
C.F. Erickson, contr.)
TDL 12/1/1927 p.2 City Hall bug pest isolated
TDL 3/10/1928 p.1 City Hall damaged by fire
T.Times 3/10/1928 Vote $25,000 repair
funds at City Hall ... inmates may have
started fire in airshaft
TDL 3/11/1928 p.A7 Place City Hall loss
at $15,000
TDL 7/24/1928 p.1 City Hall addition is
talked (proposed for north side of building)
TDL 11/8/1928 p.3 Addition to be seven
stories (Public Utilities Dept. proposes
addition to bldg.)
TDL 8/29/1929 p.1 City Hall tower is
given new lights (il)
TDL 9/1/1929 p.A1 New City Hall unit
designed (sketch of proposed addition
by Tacoma Architects, Inc., arch.)
TDL 9/29/1929 p.A4 City-County Building seen
as future Tacoma project (sketch of proposed
bldg. on site by Hill, Mock & Morrison, arch.)
TDL 1/5/1930 p.B9 Humorous epitaphs
last of old jail
TDL 2/9/1932 Gravure Sec. p.7 (il)
TDL 3/16/1932 p.2 City Hall boilers may
stay on job
TDL 8/23/1932 p.1 Chamber asks delay in
City Hall transfer (proposal to trade City Hall
for Medical Arts Bldg.)
TDL 11/8/1932 p.3 Turn down Arts Tower
T.Times 11/15/1935 Four clock faces
on City Hall lighted once again (il)
T.Times 4/16/1938 Tower unsafe; city may
never ring old Wallace chimes
TNT 5/20/1938 p.1 Bee swarm causes
stir at city hall
TNT 10/23/1938 p.B9 Reporter gives alarm
an hour before blaze
TNT 12/19/1938 p.1 Moves to rebuild
City Hall (remodeling proposed)
TNT 12/20/1938 p.1 Can't find blueprints
TNT 12/22/1938 p.1 City Light building
TNT 12/23/1938 p.17 Would link buildings
TNT 12/27/1938 p.13 City Hall's walls good
TNT 7/3/1939 p.1 Tacoma's City Hall
getting face cleaned
T.Times 7/26/1939 City Hall face washed (il)
TNT 11/24/1939 p.2 Rope mystery cleared;
wasn't suicide after all
TNT 12/14/1939 p.10 City tower blazes again (il)
T.Times 12/14/1939 Song of the chimes;
old chimes to ring again (silent since 1931) (il)
TNT 8/23/1941 p.9 City Hall shifts seen
(remodeling proposed)
TNT 1/16/1942 p.5 Remodeling is approved;
second floor of city hall will be improved
T.Times 1/16/1942 ... remodeling City Hall
T.Times 2/11/1942 ... work to cost $40,000
TNT 5/4/1942 Central heat at City Hall
(to receive service from Consumers
Central Heating Co.)
TNT 7/8/1942 p.19 Expert wood worker dies
(James L. Paulson, "hand turned all of the
ballustrades and newell posts for the stairs in
the city hall")
TNT 11/1/1942 p.A1 All yours, this too
(il of old jail cell door, to be sent to scrap drive)
TNT 11/30/1942 Improvement ... talked again
TNT 12/21/1942 p.3 Open war bond
office (interior il)
TNT 11/29/1944 p.16 Pretty mad at
City Hall clock
TNT 1/11/1946 p.1 City Hall clock chimes
ring out once again
TNT 2/10/1946 p.A1,A11 City's fire program
pushed (interior il)
TNT 12/17/1946 ... fire escapes are not safe
TNT 12/28/1947 p.A1 Please start city clock so
this fellow can eat
TNT 1/8/1948 p.9 Please, Mr. Mayor, fix that
city clock again
T.Times 7/29/1948 City Hall chimes stilled
long before war - and remain silent
TNT 8/3/1948 p.1 City chimes ring again,
days only
TNT 4/14/1949 p.B4 City Hall weird place
as quake rocked city
TNT 4/17/1949 p.A5 Easter is anniversary
of chimes installation (il)
TNT 9/12/1949 p.21 City women lose appeal
(for increased restroom facilities)
TNT 12/15/1949 p.C6 Anyway, they disliked
color of mayor's job
TNT 11/9/1950 p.B6 City Hall is getting
plastered (earthquake repairs)
TNT 11/12/1950 p.A13 Lanterns give no light
tp perplexing question (il)
TNT 12/3/1950 p.A1 Pierce Co., City afoul
of fire law (interior il)
TNT 12/6/1950 p.A1 Fire hazard on way out
TNT 1/9/1951 p.9 ... will get interior face lifting
TNT 1/28/1951 p.C14 Council chamber under
critical eye (interior il)
TNT 2/16/1951 p.4 To remodel City Hall
TNT 5/16/1951 p.D3 City Hall Big Ben too fast
TNT 7/18/1951 p.1 High hot spot (il of
tower roof)
TNT 7/20/1951 p.15 City Hall gets fancy
new flag
TNT 8/12/1951 p.B10 Historic significance
in tower clean-up move (il)
TNT 8/26/1951 Tacoma's architecture
changes with years (sketch)
TNT 11/25/1951 p.A7 Budget woes
keep city timepiece dark
TNT 3/26/1952 p.24 Seeks new elevator
TNT 9/29/1952 p.1 City Hall clock holds
out -- fast time is slow to end
TNT 10/19/1952 p.A4 Fire drills inadvisable
TNT 10/24/1952 p.18 New elevator for
City Hall due at last
TNT 10/26/1952 p.A8 Buildings inadequate
TNT 11/24/1952 p.1 Attack City Hall safe
TNT 12/31/1952 p.12 Elevator out in City Hall
after Monday
TNT 6/1/1953 p.24 Empty halls on 3rd floor
of City Hall
TNT 7/27/1953 p.17 Old desk retires from
council wars
TNT 9/27/1953 p.A1 City's famous chimes
facing uncertain fate (il)
TNT 11/28/1953 p.1 Moving day at City Hall
(Public Utilities moves to new headquarters)
(interior il)
TNT 12/14/1953 Old Glory at City Hall
has trouble again
TNT 12/30/1953 p.2 City Hall will be renovated
TNT 2/14/1954 p.A8 City's records piling
up in old jail; officials worry over documents
(interior il)
TNT 8/15/1954 p.A12 No place for famous
chimes here; ignored in Couunty-City
Bldg. plans (il)
TNT 1/5/1955 Electronics threatens city
chimes say rumor
TNT 5/29/1955 Tacoma displays many
towers and spires
TNT 11/16/1955 p.C20 Looked like distress
at City Hall (flag upside down)
TNT 11/17/1955 p.A6 Tattered ensign
down from City Hall pole
TNT 4/8/1956 p.A10 City Hall building costs have
familiar ring; remember 1893? (interior il)
TNT 8/13/1956 p.1 City Hall fire quelled fast
TNT 8/28/1956 p.1 We can use that C-C
Building any time (interior il of fallen plaster
in city manager's office)
TNT 1/1/1957 Is this last year for City Hall
chimes? (il)
TNT 4/18/1957 p.A11 Swap offices in
City Hall
TNT 5/27/1957 p.A4 Choas reigns briefly
in City Hall (ceiling plaster falls in mayor's
TNT 6/30/1957 p.A7 Fate of historic chimes
up for decision soon
TNT 7/9/1957 p.1 Chimes on City Hall may
be stilled forever
TNT 3/13/1958 p.1 City's old records will
be fed to the flames
TNT 7/29/1958 p.14 City Hall demolition plan
TNT 3/15/1959 p.C14 Council sets last
meeting in City Hall
TNT 3/17/1959 p.1 Council ends 66-year
era in Old City Hall (interior il)
TNT 3/18/1959 City Hall clock to toll no more
TNT 3/31/1959 p.13 Whom will bells toll
for? - That is the question
TNT 4/7/1959 p.C15 Old City Hall opened its
doors in 1893: City Hall chimes to toll
no more (il)
TNT 4/28/1959 p.1 Demolition to be fate
of City Hall
TNT 6/1/1959 p.11 Save City Hall petition filed
TNT 6/2/1959 ... plea fails to move council
TNT 6/14/1959 p.C15 Plan to save Old
City Hall drawn up
TNT 6/16/1959 p.1 90 days given group
to save Old City Hall
TNT 7/5/1959 p.B1 Emily tells of heat,
pushes City Hall plan
TNT 7/30/1959 p.A1 Come the revolution?
No, despite the red flag (Soviet Union flag
found flying over bldg.) (il)
TNT 9/22/1959 p.1 Old City Hall gets reprieve
of 6 months
TNT 1/17/1960 p.D10 Engineer urges that
Old City Hall be saved (Dr. Arthur R. Anderson)
TNT 3/1/1960 p.1 City Hall clock may have
hands amputated (clock time stuck at 3:35)
TNT 3/2/1960 p.A13 ... proposed as arts high
TNT 3/3/1960 p.A1 Look Ma, no hands (il)
TNT 3/5/1960 p.3 ... may become civic center
TNT 9/21/1960 p.A1 Council asked to convert
City Hall into school
TNT 1/11/1961 College use of City Hall
under study
TNT 4/26/1961 p.A1 Old City Hall reprieved
another year
TNT 5/14/1961 p.D1,D8 Allied Arts of
Tacoma (sketch)
TNT 2/21/1962 p.C18 Junior college site proposed
by Easterday (proposal to join Old CIty Hall
with the Elks Temple by a bridge over
Commerce St. and use bldgs. for a
community college)
TNT 4/25/1962 p.A1 Old City Hall chimes
soon will ring again (il)
TNT 5/20/1962 p.A9 Clock repair cost:
TNT 5/22/1962 p.1 Chimes sound again,
clock is running, too
TNT 5/23/1962 p.A4 Council sets hours
for ringing of clock bells
TNT 5/27/1962 p.A1 City Hall clock,
bells beautiful, says expert restoring works (il)
TNT 6/22/1962 p.1 Puts on new face (il)
TNT 6/26/1962 p.A9 Clock tower no longer
timeless (il)
TNT 8/1/1962 p.A3 Door from "politician"
cell in old jail sold (purchased by Steve Pease)
(interior il)
TNT 8/15/1962 p.A10 Bells toll again on
night shift
TNT 8/18/1962 p.2 City officials unhook
Old City Hall chimes
TNT 4/5/1963 p.A7 Old City Hall clock
now back on time
TNT 4/29/1963 p.1 City Hall clock confused,
or may be tired
TNT 4/30/1963 p.12 ... clock back in step
with DST
TNT 7/30/1963 p.1 Witch on the City
Hall clock? (il)
TNT 11/3/1963 p.C16 Welcome lights
mark rehabilitation effort (il)
TNT 6/24/1964 p.B12 Old City Hall urged
as museum
TNT 9/20/1964 p.D12 Clock tower offers
challenge, inspiration to contest entrants
(Catalog)027.4797 T219C (il)
071 N213N Vol.I p.l6 (il)
(Catalog)133.109797 D97G p.83
(Catalog)133.109797 M724W p.32 (il)
398 M145G p.145 The bell-ringing ghost
of Tacoma's Old City Hall
(Catalog)720.28 T119TR p.33 (rehab c.1980-83)
(Catalog)720.979 Si11E
(Catalog)917.9778 C498C (il)
(Catalog)979.7 N812 July 1891 p.42 (sketch)
(Catalog)979.72 H91 Vol.II p.167-70
(Catalog)979.778 K355T p.51 (interior il)
(Catalog)979.7788 AL566T p.48,49 (il)
City Directory (1892) p.49 (sketch)

TNT = Tacoma News Tribune
TDL = Tacoma Daily Ledger
T.Times = Tacoma Times

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