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2120-32 SO. C ST., Tacomac194920115 Images
Columbia Breweries, Inc. /
Heidelberg Brewing Co.
-Heidelberg Brewery purchased the
Columbia Brewery plant in 1949 and
-purchased by Carling Brewery in 1959
-closed in June 1979
-demolished in 2011
TNT 12/9/1948 Columbia expanding
TNT 6/30/1949 p.D4 (permit taken for warehouse
by Ketner Bros., contr.)
TNT 1/26/1951 p.10 (permit taken for
bottling plant)
TNT 6/24/1951 p.A5 Columbia Brewing Co.
safe attacked
TNT 10/24/1951 p.8 Boilermakers ease stack
at brewery (il) p.17 Man spends night in beer
TNT 1/7/1952 p.B1-B2 A portrayal of fifty
years of progress (Special Sec.) (il)
TNT 11/2/1952 p.C14 ... expands warehouse;
raising the roof (il)
TNT 3/4/1953 p.C1 Columbia expands
straight up (addition by Geo. Wellington Stoddard
of Seattle, arch. and Woodworth Co., contr.) (il)
TNT 4/7/1953 p.D16 A half century of
progress (full page ad) (il)
TNT 7/19/1953 p.C12 Brewery awards cellar
contract (Bona Fide Builders, Inc., contr.)
TNT 7/26/1953 p.C13 Heidelberg building
new storage cellar (Jos. Wohleb, arch.)
TNT 9/7/1953 p.25 It's open house week (il)
TNT 12/27/1953 p.C8 Heidelberg Co. gets
new tanks for storage (il)
TNT 9/3/1954 p.C16 Heidelberg triples in size
in 7 years (il)
TNT 9/5/1955 p.C13,C16 Brewery has
large Tacoma labor force (il)
TNT 9/3/1956 p.C13 Tourists like brewery tour (il)
TNT 9/2/1957 Heidelberg plant comes
a long way (il)
TNT 9/18/1957 p.D6 Roof worker hurt
in plunge
TNT 9/1/1958 p.C6 Heidelberg Brewery
has many visitors (il)
(Catalog)307.76 Un3T p.26,97
Carling Brewing Co.
-plant purchased by Carling c. Jan. 1959
TNT 9/7/1959 Tacoma has Carling's only
coast plant (il)
TNT 2/17/1960 p.B8 More beer (il of
stainless steel tank)
TNT 12/21/1960 p.D2 (permit taken for
freight elevator)
TNT 1/15/1961 p.A1 $1,800,000 in construction
planned here (addition and remodeling by
McKasson Bros. Construction Co., contr.)
TNT 10/27/1968 Carling to expand capacity
of plant (fermentation tanks to be added to
rooftop) (sketch)
TNT 5/17/1970 Carling addition nears
completion (il)
TNT 12/13/1970 Drink to new Carling facility
(new packaging center by Macdonald Bldg.
Co., contr.)
TNT 3/28/1979 Heidelberg's Tacoma cup
runneth dry (plant to close)
Columbia Energy Resources
TNT 6/26/1980 Alcohol for cars may be
made here
TNT 12/11/1980 Ethanol distillery assured;
grant guarantees conversion of old
Carling Brewery
TNT 7/2/1983 p.A2 Heidelberg Brewery starts
conversion to alcohol plant (remodeling by
Jacobs Engineering Group (Pasadena), arch.) (il)
TNT 9/23/1983 Brewery-to-alcohol-plant
issue argued for 7 hours
TNT 11/9/1983 Greenery to conceal "ugly"
industrial plant
TNT 12/25/1983 p.F3 Opponent claims
ethanol plant a downtown danger (il)
TNT 4/1/1984 p.F3 ... hopes to begin
construction soon (il)
TNT 5/19/1988 New owners uncap plan
for old brewery
TNT 6/23/1992 Rave reviews; Tacoma's
underground, invitation-only parties ...
TNT 1/29/1995 p.A1 Restarting the heart
of the city
TNT 6/15/1996 p.B2 Firefighters tackle
downtown blaze
TNT 6/16/1996 p.B1 Rock bands lose
equipment in fire
Business Examiner 4/14/2003 p.31 Brewery
has been toast of Tacoma (il)
TNT 10/20/2005 p.B1 Tacomans no longer
can toast Student Prince (cast concrete frieze
by sculptor Karl Biber removed from bldg.) (il)
TNT 6/30/2006 p.A1 Downtown Tacoma to
get hotel ... another group aims to demolish
the former Heidelberg Brewery next door
for mixed use
T.Daily Index 12/13/2007 p.1 Proposed
Heidelberg demolition concerns historic
preservationists (il)
T.Weekly 1/3/2008 p.4 Developers want
to demolish Heidelberg Brewery (il)
TNT 6/21/2009 p.B1 Mysteries of history ...
(Student Prince statue)
City Arts Aug. 2010 p.5 Our Prince will come ...
ghost comes back to life (il)
T.Daily Index 1/10/2011 p.1 Last call for
Columbia Heidelberg Brewery buildings? (il)
T.Daily Index 1/14/2011 p.1 Demolition
ahead for Tacoma's Heidelberg Brewery
TNT 1/14/2011 p.A10 Brewery coming down;
historical value not enough to save Heidelberg
complex (il)
T.Daily Index 1/18/2011 p.1 Columbia
Heidelberg Brewery will be razed, but
branding remains classic forever (il)
T.Weekly 1/21/2011 p.A1 Old Heidelberg
Brewery likely to be razed (il)
T.Daily Index 6/28/2011 p.1 Heidbelberg
Brewery demolition under way (il)
TNT 10/8/2011 p.A3 A piece of Tacoma's
skyline is no longer (il of water tower)

TNT = Tacoma News Tribune

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