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901 BROADWAY, Tacoma1917US Wa City 94 Images
Pantages Theater
Wm. Jones / Alexander Pantages, builder
B. Marcus Priteca, arch.
E.W. Houghton, supt. of construction
R. Pearson, supt. of construction
D. Kean, engineer
-Louis XVI interior
-site includes 901-09 Broadway, 902-10 Commerce St., 214-18 So. 9th St.
-"Tacoma's theater beautiful"
-also known as the Jones Bldg.
-opened 1/7/1918
-known as the RKO Pantages from Aug. 1929 to July 1930
-known as the RKO Orpheum from Aug. 1930 to Aug. 1932
-became the Roxy Theater in Sept. 1932
-added to Tacoma Register by Resolution No.23292, 4/1/1975
-added to National Register 11/7/1976
-rededicated after restoration 2/12/1983
-partial plans at TPL
SEE ALSO: TPL Catalog/Clipping File
TDL 5/21/1916 p.9 Pantages gives success recipe
TDL 6/3/1916 p.2 Pantages Theater deal all closed
TDL 6/4/1916 p.28 Permits for razing Jones Block given
TDL 8/13/1916 p.6 Pantages building will have basement
TDL 9/17/1916 p.21 Start walls for new Jones Block; pour concrete
from six-story elevator (il of concrete pouring tower)
TDL 10/21/1916 p.3 Unique street stunt attracts
big crowd
T.Tribune 12/3/1916 p.30 One more story for Jones Block
TNL 1/7/1917 p.10 Buy terra cotta for Tacoma block
TNL 3/18/1917 p.26 (sketch)
TNL 4/15/1917 p.24 Steel work in Jones Building, showing how gallery
of Pantages Theater will be supported (il)
TNL 5/27/1917 p.21 Terra cotta going on Jones Building
TNL 8/19/1917 p.24 Plasterers busy on new Pantages (il under
TNL 10/7/1917 p.13 Jones Building nears completion (il of roof)
TNL 12/30/1917 p.5 New Pantages to open Jan. 7 (Pantages and Priteca
inspect bldg.)
TNL 1/6/1918 p.18 Pantages gets fine talent to open
TDN 1/7/1918 p.9-12 Pantages Theater and Jones Building
opens today (il)
TDN 1/8/1918 p.8 New Pantages resplendent on opening night
TNL 1/13/1918 p.D3 Opening of new Pantages is brilliant affair
TDL 11/17/1918 p.A12 Pantages Theater well ventilated
TDL 8/22/1920 p.A1 Roosevelt in Tacoma hits G.O.P. (visit of
Franklin D. Roosevelt)
TDL 11/26/1922 p.E7 Latest in decorative art beautifies theater here
(interior decoration by Heinsberger Decorating Co.)
TDL 7/15/1923 p.H3 Pantages doorman
since 1908, is still smiling "welcome" (il
of Jos. S. DeRoche)
TDL 10/21/1923 p.A7 Sanitary Barber Shop is improved p.C2 (interior
il of Sanitary Barbershop at 218 So. 9th St.)
TDL 2/6/1924 p.1 Tacoma to honor Wilson (memorial services in theater
for Woodrow Wilson)
TDL 10/21/1924 p.1 Arbuckle act is called off (Tacoma Board of Censors
bans appearance of Fatty Arbuckle)
TDL 1/25/1925 p.H2,H4 Pantages ushers in new program (continuous
entertainment of combined film and vaudeville from noon to midnight)
TDL 4/8/1925 p.11 (il)
TDL 8/2/1925 p.H4 Pantages Theater installing new Robert-Morton organ
TDL 8/30/1925 p.H2 Eight winsome usherettes at the Pantages in their
attractive new uniforms (il)
TDL 9/6/1925 p.A3 Pictures replace Pan vaudeville
TDL 9/15/1925 p.3 (appearance by movie star Baby Peggy)
TDL 9/27/1925 p.A11 Real "Charleston" in Ledger contest p.H2 Vaudeville
is Pan offering
TDL 4/4/1926 p.H2 (ad for "Big Indoor Circus")
TDL 8/22/1926 p.H2 (ad for "Lost Battalion" made in consultation with
former commander Brig. Gen. Alexander of Fort Lewis)
TDL 8/23/1926 p.8 Reception for General Alexander
TDL 8/24/1926 p.1 Brig. Gen. Alexander honored at banquet
TDL 11/28/1926 p.H2 Pantages circuit to celebrate twenty-sixth
anniversary ... (il)
TDL 12/5/1926 p.H2 (ad for appearance of Babe Ruth)
TDL 12/7/1926 p.9 Winning all-time team picked by baseball star
TDL 1/30/1927 p.H2 (ad for Pantages Celebration Week)
TDL 2/6/1927 p.H2 (ad for "Wings of the Storm" filmed at Mount Tacoma)
TDL 2/19/1927 p.2 (ad for appearance of heavyweight boxing champion
Gene Tunney)
TDL 6/9/1927 (ad for appearance by the Hilton Siamese twins, Daisy &
Violet Hilton)
TDL 7/31/1928 p.3 (ad for appearance by the Mexican Cossacks
motorcycle troop)
TDL 3/31/1929 p.C6 Pantages to inaugurate new policy (Western Electric
sound equipment being installed)
TDL 4/4/1929 p.7 (ad for "Shakedown", first talkie at Pantages)
TDL 4/7/1929 p.C7 Pantages to show first sound film ("Submarine")
TDL 8/19/1929 p.1 Curtain down on Pan time (R.K.O. purchases theater)
TDL 9/15/1929 p.A9 Huge crowd at new Orpheum
TDL 8/21/1930 p.8 Pantages' name is to be erased; theater to be known
now as RKO Orpheum
TDL 9/28/1930 p.D6 (mention of organ)
TDL 10/12/1930 p.D8 (permit taken for renovation and marquise change)
TDL 3/29/1931 p.B8 RKO sound truck coming here Monday (il)
TDL 8/27/1931 p.9 (ad for appearance by comedian Bob Hope)
TDL 1/19/1932 p.1 Citizens will join in great meeting today ("Lick
Unemployment" campaign)
TDL 9/18/1932 p.A8 New Roxy to open this week; Jensen-Von Herberg to
offer first run movies in former RKO
TDL 9/25/1932 p.A3 Roxy Theater opens Friday (with "Sporting Age"
starring Jack Holt and with a Mickey Mouse cartoon)
TDL 9/30/1932 p.7 Roxy Theater, completely remodeled, opens today
TDL 10/1/1932 p.2 BIg crowd on hand as Roxy opens
TDL 11/6/1932 p.A9 Meet champ canines
TDL 5/14/1933 p.A1 Schumann-Heink laughs at those who give her pity
TDL 8/18/1933 p.2 (ad for "Tugboat Annie")
TDL 8/19/1932 p.2 Colorful premiere at Roxy
T.Times 12/12/1935 Hamrick and Edris take over theater
TDL 12/13/1935 p.1 John Hamrick new owner of Roxy
T.Times 10/25/1938 p.16 "Great Lester" is ex-Tacoman (appearance)
T.Times 10/27/1938 p.10 Great Lester "cuts" up tonight
TNT 3/10/1939 p.24 Modern shine parlor (interior il of Victor's Shoe
Parlor at 907 Broadway)
T.Times 3/10/1939 p.7 New modern shine parlor ... (interior il)
TNT 4/4/1939 p.1 First of holy week services held at Roxy
TNT 6/21/1939 p.7 Jones Bldg. has face washed (il)
TNT 5/19/1940 p.A7 Maurmann firm remodels store (Maurmann Jewelry Co.
at 905 Broadway)
TNT 7/17/1940 p.7 New restaurant fine achievement (interior il of
Lane Grill at 902-04 Commerce St.)
T.Times 7/17/1940 p.2 Grand opening (interior il of the Lane Grill)
TNT 10/16/1940 p.5 (ad for world premiere of "Tugboat Annie
Sails Again")
TNT 10/18/1940 p.1 City opening arms for "Tugboat Annie"
TNT 10/19/1940 p.1 Tacomans sail with "Annie"
TNT 2/5/1941 p.9 Opening Thursday (interior il of Lane Grill)
TNT 5/15/1941 p.5 Nisqually project work being rushed (public uilities
engineering staff leases top floor)
TNT 6/14/1942 p.A6 (ad for appearance by Johnny Sheffield)
TNT 10/19/1942 p.7 Reconditioned (interior il)
TNT 4/4/1943 p.B11 (ad for Jones Bldg. office
space) (il)
TNT 2/13/1945 p.1 Roxy Theater building sold to Norton Clapp
TNT 6/16/1947 p.9 (ad for "Its a Wonderful Life",
starring James Stewart)
TNT 7/7/1948 p.8 Tom (Makras) proud of his
new "Paradise" (remodeling of the Paradise Candy
Shop / Paradise Confectionery)
TNT 4/14/1949 p.B10 Small wonder film
realistic ("King of Kings", with earthquake scenes,
playing during Tacoma earthquake)
TNT 9/26/1949 p.14 Popular organist (il of
Arnold Leverenz at the Wurlitzer)
TNT 2/14/1951 p.19 Grand opening (il of Lane's
Cocktail Lounge at 902 Commerce St. after
remodeling by Ketner Bros., Inc., contr.)
TNT 10/16/1951 p.19 (ad for the motion picture
"The Day the Earth Stood Still")
TNT 3/2/1952 p.A16 Air raid shelters ...
TNT 9/11/1952 p.C4 Meet Piper Laurie
TNT 2/22/1953 p.C13 (ad for "3 dimension
motion pictures")
TNT 4/22/1953 p.21 Jones Building transferred
- to same owner
TNT 6/17/1954 p.B2 (ad for the motion
picture "Them")
TNT 5/8/1955 Roxy will close for renovation
TNT 5/15/1955 p.D18 Roxy gets new look
(sketch of proposed remodeling by Carlson-
Eley-Grestad, arch.)
TNT 6/16/1955 Grand reopening of Roxy
Theater Friday (remodeling by Carlson-Eley-
Grestad, arch. and Ketner Bros., contr.)
TNT 3/13/1956 p.14 (ad for motion picture
"Invasion of the Body Snatchers')
TNT 7/17/1956 p.8 Bottle cap matinee
TNT 7/23/1956 p.4 (ad for motion picture
TNT 8/6/1956 p.5 Gala opening (interior il
of Lane's Restaurant at 902 Commerce St.)
TNT 10/7/1958 p.24 (ad for the motion
picture "The Blob")
TNT 1/20/1959 p.6,7 Geehan opens classic
downtown restaurant (interior il of the Kopper
Kart Broiler & Kopper Kup Lounge
at 902 Commerce St.)
TNT 3/11/1959 p.A10 New gimmick in
horror show at Roxy (motion picture "House
on Haunted Hill')
TNT 8/18/1959 p.15 41-year-old sweets shop
will close (Paradise Candy Co.) (il of operator
Tom Makres)
TNT 11/20/1959 p.16,17 New lunch spot on
Broadway (The Pink Tulip opens at
903 Broadway)
TNT 1/17/1960 Vaudeville on the Pantages
time; circuit's old days recalled
TNT 8/18/1960 p.A9 (ad for the motion
picture "Psycho')
TNT 3/1/1961 p.A11 Italian cafe opens doors
(interior il of Viafore's Italian Restaurant
at 902 Commerce St.)
TNT 6/22/1961 p.4 Runaway car crashes
into theater (il)
TNT 2/14/1962 p.A7 Santo's will have opening
on Thursday (Santo's Italian American Restaurant
opens at 902 Commerce St.)
TNT 10/28/1962 p.A8 ... approved for
fallout shelters
TNT 12/10/1963 p.6 Runaway car smashes
front of theater
TNT 12/17/1974 Time Machine (il)
TNT 12/22/1974 Pantages Theatre, home of early-day vaudeville here
TNT 12/22/1975 Old Roxy could be center for the arts
TNT 3/24/1977 p.A6 A time to remember the age of vaudeville
TNT 3/27/1977 p.E6 Alexander Pantages, the man
TNT 4/13/1977 Council has eyes on Roxy (il)
TNT 2/3/1978 City negotiating for Roxy as center for performing
arts (il)
TNT 4/7/1978 p.A3 Modeling job no problem (theater interior studied
to help reconstruct theater in Yakima)
TNT 6/16/1978 "Star Wars" has attracted 71 per cent adult audience
TNT 12/6/1978 City, Roxy owners settle price
TNT 12/19/1979 Pantages outlook report enthusiastic
(Catalog)720.28 L235L Spring 1980 p.5; Spring 1982 p.30 Fall 1982 p.15 Pantages
Center opens February 12 (il)
(Catalog)720.28 T119TR p.74-76 (rehab c.1982-83 by Richard F. McCann, arch.
and Eberharter & Grant, contr.) (il)
(Catalog)725.8 M126A
(Catalog)725.82 T119T
(Catalog)792.097 M431MA
(Catalog)792.7 P195P
(Catalog)792.7 T119T
(Catalog)979.7 B868B p.134

TNT = Tacoma News Tribune
TDL = Tacoma Daily Ledger
T.Times = Tacoma Times

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