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773 BROADWAY, Tacoma1925Chicago Commercial Style with Classical Renaissance Revival elements83 Images
Hotel Winthrop
W.L. Stoddard, arch.
Roland E. Borhek, associate arch.
F.A. Pratt & A.I. Watson, contr.
David L. Glenn, supervising engineer
-Citizen's Hotel Corp. formed in April 1922
-grand opening 5/16/1925
-Sabre Room opened 9/22/1949
-converted into senior/elderly
housing in 1973 (opened 8/10/1973)
-hotel named for explorer and writer
Theodore Winthrop, author of "The Canoe and
the Saddle" which helped popularize the
Northwest (name chosen in newspaper contest
by Geo. L. Dickson)
-eleven stories, 110 ft.
-partial plans for stores in hotel bldg.
at TPL (Sutton, Whitney & Dugan, arch.)
-site includes 761-83 Broadway, 762-86 Commerce St.
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(Baker Investment Co.)
TDL 5/14/1922 p.A1 Hotel drive to start
Monday p.A8 (endorsement ad)
TDL 9/24/1922 p.A8,A9,B10 (ads for proposed
hotel sites)
TDL 10/1/1922 p.A8,A9,A14,A15 (ads for
proposed hotel sites)
TDL 10/2/1922 p.3 (ad for proposed hotel site)
TDL 10/8/1922 p.A10,A11,B3 (ads for proposed
hotel sites)
TDL 10/9/1922 p.3 (ad for proposed hotel site)
TDL 10/22/1922 Suppl. p.1,2 New hotel for a
bigger Tacoma (sketch)
TDL 3/13/1923 p.1 Linnard interests get hotel lease
TDL 3/17/1923 p.1 Deal closed for Citizen's
Hotel site (il)
TDLl 3/20/1923 p.1 Year given to build new hotel
TDL 3/31/1923 p.1 Work on hotel to be rapid
TDL 4/25/1923 p.1 Call bids on clearing hotel site
TDL 5/11/1923 p.1 Contract let on hotel work
(Frank Sussman & Co. to clear site)
TDL 5/24/1923 p.1 Design for hotel may be announced
Friday by board (il of architect W.L. Stoddard)
TDL 5/26/1923 p.1 Half million more for new
hotel (sketch)
TDL 5/27/1923 p.1 Hotel will be civic center, plans
show (sketch of interior plans)
TDL 7/15/1923 p.A1 Ledger reader to name new
Citizen's Hotel of Tacoma
TDL 7/17/1923 p.1 Ledger gets hotel names
in abundance
TDL 7/22/1923 p.A1 Only four more days in which
to send hotel name p.A6 (sketch)
TDL 7/29/1923 p.A1 Memory of writer honored;
Winthrop name for new hotel; Geo. L. Dickson wins
first prize in big contest (hotel named for explorer and
writer Theodore Winthrop)
TDL 8/19/1923 p.E7 Architect tells reasons he likes
site of Winthrop (hotel featured in August 1923 issue
of "Hotel Management" magazine)
TDL 9/22/1923 p.1 Plans here for Hotel Winthrop
TDL 12/15/1923 p.1 Tacoma firm will build civic hotel
TDL 12/16/1923 p.A18 Will employ 100 for hotel work
TDL 12/22/1923 p.4 Work starts on Tacoma's
new hotel (il)
TDL 1/12/1924 p.1 Tacoma firm wins contract
(Ben Olson Co. to install heating and plumbing) p.2 Terra
cotta contract let (to Denny-Renton Coal & Clay Co.)
TDL 1/18/1924 p.3 Concrete pouring for hotel starts (il)
TDL 2/14/1924 p.1 Winthrop manager selected;
A.K. Bennett former director of world famous hostelry
in Yokohoma chosen ...
TDL 2/20/1924 p.10 Hotel foundation nears completion
(il under construction)
TDL 3/20/1924 p.9 Pour concrete for new hotel
TDL 3/23/1924 p.E10 (A. Gehri & Co., contr. for
ventilation system)
TDL 5/18/1924 p.A4 (il under construction)
TDL 6/8/1924 p.A2 ... adopts Winthrop coat-of-arms (il)
TDL 6/29/1924 p.A4 Winthrop progress is rapid
TDL 7/6/1924 p.E8 (il under construction)
TDL 7/24/1924 p.1 Manager of Hotel Winthrop in
Tacoma (Samuel Adkisson of San Francisco)
TDL 8/3/1924 p.E8 (il under construction)
TDL 8/31/1924 p.A8 (il under construction)
TDL 9/1/1924 p.1 Progress on hotel pleases
TDL 9/19/1924 p.1 Hotel Winthrop reaches
topmost point (il)
TDL 10/8/1924 p.1 Hotel bonds authorized
TDL 10/12/1924 p.A1 Furnishing of hotel big task
TDL 10/19/1924 p.A10 Lots of work inside hotel
(including "13 miles of pipes") (interior il)
TDL 11/23/1924 p.A5 Hotel interior is distinctive
TDL 11/25/1924 p.3 Man recovering after 10-story fall
TDL 11/27/1924 p.1 Social center at new hotel
TDL 11/28/1924 p.1 Winthrop cash is spent here
TDL 11/30/1924 p.A1 Winthrop to be big thing
for Tacoma
TDL 12/28/1924 p.E8 (il under construction)
TDL 12/31/1924 p.10 Winthrop bonds are snatched up
TDL 1/1/1925 p.1 Let contract for Winthrop hotel lights
TDL 1/18/1925 p.E8 Hotel Winthrop is in
finishing stages
TNT 1/19/1925 Tacoma to furnish Winthrop fittings
TDL 1/29/1925 p.1 Exterior of hotel finished (il)
TDL 2/22/1925 p.A14 Finishing new hotel interior
TDL 2/28/1925 p.1 Samll loss in Winthrop roof blaze
TDL 3/2/1925 p.6 Hotel furnishings under way soon
TDL 3/22/1925 p.D1 Hotel opening is anticipated
TDL 3/27/1925 p.7 Hotel laundry ready April 15
TDL 3/29/1925 p.A1 (il under construction)
TDL 4/8/1925 p.1 Winthrop prepares for grand
opening p.11 (il)
TDL 4/9/1925 p.2 Stand taken by Kiwanians
controversy over "wet" vs. "dry" celebration for
grand opening)
TDL 5/3/1925 p.A3 Winthrop Hotel's famous pastry
chef gives Ledger readers favorite recipes p.A8 Winthrop
gets final touches
TL 5/10/1925 p.A1 Winthrop's owners to have night
TDL 5/12/1925 p.1 Winthrop's third wing needed now
TDL 5/14/1925 p.1 3,000 expected for reception
TNT 5/14/1925 Stockholders to celebrate ... (interior il)
TDL 5/15/1925 p.1 Thousands inspect Winthrop
(interior il)
TNT 5/15/1925 Hotel dedication marks high
of Tacoma spirit
TDL 5/16/1925 p.1 Huge crowd due tonight at
Winthrop (interior il)
TNT 5/16/1925 Tacoma's first white child to sign
register of hotel (Floyd Steele, who was born in
the Steele Hotel)
TDL 5/17/1925 p.A1,A11,B1,B2,D1,E10 Winthrop's
opening is gala event (interior ils)
TDL 5/24/1925 p.A1 KGB fans get big surprise (radio
station to hold regular broadcasts from hotel)
TDL 5/27/1925 p.1 Nason named new manager for
Winthrop (Albert Nason)
TDL 5/29/1925 p.1 Prominent Tacomans in movies
(scene from "Hearts and Fists" filmed at the Winthrop)
TDL 6/7/1925 p.B4 (ad)
TNT 6/8/1925 Hotel guests furnished 200 world's
greatest book (Immanuel Presbyterian Church
donates hotel Bibles)
TDL 6/14/1925 p.D1 Winthrop teas hold interes
TDL 7/26/1925 p.B1 Winthrop gets new manager
(Alfred K. Bennett)
TDL 8/16/1925 p.A1 Winthrop Hotel now open shop
TDL 8/30/1925 p.D1 Winthrop to be social setting
TNT 9/29/1925 Winthrop is ready for complaining
long fellows; bed 7 ft. 6 in. long is delivered ...
TDL 12/3/1925 p.1 Motor salon opens today
TNT 2/12/1926 p.23 Virges Drug Company
opens store No. 4 ... (il)
TDL 4/14/1926 Suppl. Big year ahead for civic
hotel (interior il)
TDL 5/16/1926 p.A1 Year old hotel has big party
TNT 2/23/1927 p.7 Bungalow atop hotel
awaits lumbermen (il)
TDL 4/12/1927 Rotogravure Sec. p.6 (il)
TDL 5/16/1927 p.8 Winthrop keeps its anniversary
TDL 9/11/1927 p.A1 Tacoma is winning many friends
over nation with hotel
TDL 12/23/1927 Hotel bandit fights for life
TDL 1/26/1928 p.1 Improvements are planned for
city's 2 biggest hotels (remodeling by J.E. Bonnell &
Sons, contr.)
TNT 1/26/1928 Hotel Winthrop remodels cafes
TDL 4/10/1928 Sec.III p.6 New city unity given by
hotel (il) Gravure Sec. p.8 (interior il of coffee shop)
TNT 5/9/1928 Winthrop's new coffee shop ... (interior il)
TDL 5/13/1928 p.A8 Winthrop Hotel shows way to
airport (aerial il of new 35-foot arrow on roof)
TDL 10/22/1928 p.10 Airplane makes visit to
hotel lobby (interior il)
TDL 4/9/1929 Gravure Sec. p.3 (il)
TDL 4/29/1930 Citizens own the Winthrop
TDL 12/28/1931 p.1 Huge electric sign to herald
new year here
TDL 12/31/1931 p.8 (il of electric sign)
TDL 2/9/1932 Gravure Sec. p.2 (aerial il)
TDL 6/12/1932 p.C6 Craft shop opend in Winthrop
("The Crafts" opens on Commerce St.)
TDL 11/5/1933 p.B8 Winthrop dining room completed
(former grill room enlarged and remodeled)
TDL 12/13/1936 p.A8 Club begins remodeling of
quarters (roof top quarters of the University Club)
TNT 9/10/1937 p.13 New women's shop to open on
Saturday (Helen Davis Clothing Store at 763 Broadway)
TDL 9/24/1937 p.11 (interior il of Helen Davis
Clothing Store)
TNT 11/13/1937 p.3 "U" Club reopens Feb. 20th
TNT 1/23/1938 p.B8 Firm makes store over
(Lloyd-Friesen Shoe Co.)
TNT 8/7/1938 p.B4 Helen Davis enlarges shop
(il,interior il)
TNT 4/23/1939 p.1 Victims of suicide pact
(hard copy only)
(Catalog)338.973 P83Pt 1924 p.49 (sketch)
(Catalog)658.87 R346M p.121
(Catalog)720.28 SU87A
(Catalog)979.7 B64 Vol.II p.826-27 (il)
(Catalog)979.7 W28A April 1928 (il)
(Catalog)979.7788 ST769H p.50

TNT = Tacoma News Tribune
TDL = Tacoma Daily Ledger

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