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565 BROADWAY, Tacoma191618 Images
Elks Temple
E. Frere Champney, arch.
Cornell Bros., contr.
-Tacoma Lodge No.174, B.P.O.E.
-Spanish Steps on side of bldg. built
to serve as fire escape
-the sixty-four Spanish Steps were designed
after the Scala di Spagna of Rome, steps
that once led to the Spanish Embassy
-formally opened 2/19/1916
-dedicated 2/22/1916
TDL 4/6/1911 p.3 Elks to have fine building
TDL 4/5/1914 p.1 Decide on new home for Elks
TDL 6/28/1914 p.22 Will not compete for
Elks building
TDL 7/5/1914 p.23 (il of excavation)
TDL 8/16/1914 p.28 Plans submitted for
Elks Temple
TDL 10/11/1914 p.28 Elks building plans received
TDL 12/27/1914 p.14 Elks to open bids
TDL 2/23/1915 p.2 Tacoma Elks lay cornerstone
TDL 5/9/1915 p.28 (il under construction)
TDL 9/26/1915 p.23 (il under construction)
T.Times 10/19/1915 ... an architectural gem (il)
TDL 2/13/1916 p.24 New Elks home work of
beauty (il of lodge room)
TDN 2/19/1916 Tacoma Elks open $160,000
temple (il)
TDL 2/20/1916 p.1 Tacoma Elks formally open
new building (il) p.9 (il) p.29 (il)
T.Tribune 2/20/1916 Elks's new temple
handsomest in U.S.
TDL 2/23/1916 p.1 (il of Elks in front of new
building at start of parade p.9 Elks formally dedicate
TNL 11/25/1917 p.29 (il)
TDL 11/7/1920 p.B6 Heating company extends
service to Elks building (the Consumers Central
Heating Co.)
TDL 7/1/1923 p.E8 Refinished Elks Club is
artistic triumph for city (interior decoration by
Percival Collins)
TDL 9/7/1924 p.G2 Star engineer does some
stunts here (il of car driving up the Spanish Steps)
TDL 12/15/1926 p.1 Elks put up big tree again (il)
TDL 4/12/1927 Rotogravure Sec. p.4 (il)
TDL 6/15/1927 p.1 Pleads for peace time patriotism
(appearance by Seattle Mayor Bertha Landes)
TDL 4/27/1930 p.E7 Vikings chosen for Elks
prosperity tour (il)
TDL 11/22/1932 p.6 1,000 women attend Elks party
here (interior il)
TNT 11/6/1936 Elks seek legal rights to stairway
T.Times 11/6/1936 Barricade of Elks Temple stairway
ordered removed
TDL 11/7/1936 p.5 Elks Temple barricade is
ordered out
TDL 3/11/1937 p.1 Elks Club to build addition
TDL 6/13/1937 p.A8 Greet Elks' Studebaker
caravan (il)
TNT 7/18/1937 p.B6 Will add to Elks Temple
(addition by Mock & Morrison, arch. and Standard
Construction Co., contr.) (sketch)
TNT 9/12/1937 p.B8 Tacoma Elks Temple work
T.Times 12/9/1937 Elks to open new addition
TNT 12/14/1937 p.B1-B9 Tacoma Elks Progress
Edition; grand opening of new building (il,interior il)
TNT 12/16/1937 p.26 Open house at Temple
T.Times 12/16/1937 p.13-15 Public will get first
glimpse of structure (interior il) p.24 (interior il)
TNT 12/17/1937 p.4 Big throng at Temple
TNT 6/13/1940 Elks Golden Jubilee Sec. (il)
TNT 12/7/1940 p.10 Santa working (il)
TNT 9/20/1942 p.A6,A7 Tacoma Elks to be host
to Grand Exalted Ruler (il)
T.Times 12/3/1942 Elks lift mortgage
TNT 5/23/1943 p.A2 Flames for mortgage
T.Times 5/27/1943 Mortgage goes up in smoke
(interior il)
TNT 6/11/1943 Elks's flag pole removal ends
old landmark
TNT 12/31/1945 p.1 Hurts fatal to soldier
TNT 10/15/1946 p.5 F.K.S. officers to bare new
building plans (proposed addition)
TNT 1/24/1946 p.19 Elks study remodeling
TNT 8/28/1947 p.10 Permit for paint work
TNT 9/17/1948 p.2 (permit for storage room
by John H. Anderson, contr.)
TNT 12/30/1948 p.4-7 Modernized Elks Temple
open (Winston French Coy, interior decorator)
(il,interior il after remodeling)
T.Times 12/30/1948 Ultra-modern features ...
T.Times 1/30/1949 "Old Timers" of Tacoma
Elks meet in remodeled clubrooms (interior il)
TNT 7/26/1949 p.9-11 All Tacoma to welcome
Emmett T. Anderson in civic celebration;
Grand Exalted Ruler (il)
TNT 7/28/1949 p.1 Hometown crowd welcomes
newly elevated ruler of all Elkdom (il of parade)
TNT 1/15/1950 p.12 More storm pictures (il)
TNT 4/1/1951 p.B9 Finest in Elk world
(interior il)
TNT 3/2/1952 p.A16 Air raid shelters ...
TNT 10/14/1954 p.A4 Restaurant Association
banquet (interior il)
TNT 9/25/1955 p.A1 Elks reject building bid
TNT 2/21/1962 p.C18 Junior college site proposed
by Easterday (proposal to join the Elks Temple
with Old City Hall by a bridge over Commerce St.
and use the bldgs. for a community college)
TNT 10/28/1962 p.A8 ... approved for
fallout shelters
TNT 7/2/1966 Servicemen's Center wants
old Elks site (il)
TNT 8/9/1966 Karnes ready to pay Elks for
option (World Harvesters proposes bldg. for
servicemen's center)
TNT 9/6/1966 Rev. Eddie Karnes to open
center Oct. 1 - if Elks approve
TNT 9/15/1966 City shows interest in temple
site (Allied Arts, Inc. proposes bldg. for performing
arts center)
TNT 9/22/1966 Elks reject 1st offer on old temple
TNT 10/5/1966 Elks reject Allied Arts' temple plan
TNT 6/18/1967 Monkey-puzzle tree is honestly
name (il of monkey tree)
TNT 9/14/1967 Tacoma has plan for city project
(bldg. proposed for community center)
TNT 11/28/1968 Elks' board OKs old temple sale
TNT 2/23/1969 Old Elks Temple spruced up
and ready for media festival (Now, Mr. Lincoln
Media Festival)
TNT 9/13/1973 p.A6 Old stairs are tumbling down
TNT 9/1/1974 Steps go down hill (sketch of the
Spanish Steps)
TNT 6/29/1979 565 Broadway seeking heat
(565 Broadway Restaurant)
TNT 6/15/1980 p.C4 An old amigo comes back
(Spanish Steps restored by Pioneer Restoration,
Inc. of Seattle)
TNT 10/25/1984 p.B8 Fall kills man at
old Elks Temple
TNT 9/12/1988 A nice little old fixer-upper
(for sale at $365,000)
TNT 5/18/1989 Rain too late for movie crew
(scenes for the motion picture "I Love You to Death"
filmed at bldg.)
TNT 7/3/1993 p.C6 Investor envisions a Chinese
emporium in old Elks Temple
TNT 2/9/1995 p.B4 Farmers Market plants seeds
for year-round operation (bldg. proposed as
market site)
T.Weekly 12/4/1997 p.2 All wet in Tacoma
Business Examiner 3/30/1998 p.1 Cine developer
plans to buy Elks Building
TNT 4/10/1999 p.B1 Tacoma "tickets" man who
may hold key to development ... city says structure
needs fixing
TNT 6/4/1999 p.B2 Empty Elks Building looks
lived-in; city wants to better seal building to keep
out transients
T.Reporter 6/10/1999 p.3 Elks Lodge still in eye
of storm
T.Reporter 9/9/1999 p.5 Blackmailing the City of
Destiny; Elks owner holds out for top dollar
TNT 2/4/2001 p.D1 Reducing the neglected
nine to the tattered two
TNT 3/7/2001 p.A1 Time takes its toll on old
Elks Temple (il,interior il)
TNT 3/9/2001 p.B8 Old Elks Temple can't
fall to decay (editorial)
TNT 3/11/2001 p.B11 Letters ...
T.Weekly 10/12/2001 p.A3 City Council to
consider action to purchase blighted properties
TNT 10/21/2001 p.B1 Elks Lodge: Saving it is
a no-brainer
TNT 10/29/2001 p.B5 Editorial: Elks Temple
worth city's rescue attempt
TNT 10/30/2001 p.B1 Greed keeps dilapidated
Elks Temple shuttered
TNT 11/15/2001 p.B1 Tacoma has filed
condemnation proceedings ...
Business Examiner 11/26/2001 p.18 Superior
Court judge holds fate of Tacoma's former
Elks Lodge (il)
TNT 1/29/2002 p.B1 City lawyers keeping
busy ...
TNT 8/29/2002 p.B1 Preserving 2 landmarks
TNT 12/13/2002 p.B1 City loses one in battle
over Elks Temple
T.Weekly 12/27/2002 p.A1 Battle over old Elks
building heating up (il)
TNT 1/5/2003 p.B1 Elks Lodge fight costs
money that could help restore it
TNT 1/21/2003 p.B1 It's a pleasure to get
on Ron Zimmerman's enemies list
TNT 2/6/2003 p.B3 City defends efforts to
save Elks Temple
T.Weekly 2/7/2003 p.A1 Council sends Elks
building case to County Superior Court
TNT 7/1/2003 p.B1 Elks Lodge tops
endangered list; nonprofit trust concerned
about its fate (il)
TNT 1/15/2004 p.B1 Court ruling brings
preservation of Elks building one step closer
T.Weekly 2/26/2004 p.A5 Legal battle over
Elks Building continues
Business Examiner 3/29/2004 p.1 One man's
castle ... may soon be the City of Tacoma's ... (il,
interior il)
TNT 11/9/2004 p.B2 City closer to saving
historic Elks building
Business Examiner 11/22/2004 p.12 Owner of
Elks Lodge loses demolition battle (il)
TNT 1/23/2005 p.B1 Plunge goes down in
icon's history as lead-footnote (car crashes
down the Spanish Steps)
TNT 2/22/2005 p.B1 Spanish Steps
TNT 6/19/2005 p.A1 The "Filthy 15" (il)
TNT 8/26/2005 p.A1 Owner's death could
bring life to Elks building (il)
TNT 8/30/2005 p.B1 Elks owner sent
e-mails bristling with dings, zing
TNT 10/4/2005 p.B1 Of old lodges ...
TNT 3/7/2006 p.B1 It's time to act on
affection for Elks Temple
TNT 7/23/2006 p.Insight 1 Tacoma's future
relies on its past (il)
TNT 9/20/2006 p.A1 Landmarks could see
renaissance; developer acquires former Elks
Temple, pledges restoration (il) p.D1 Rejected
developer returns to refurbish Elks Temple
T.Weekly 9/21/2006 p.D1 Long-abandoned
Elks Lodge to get facelift (il)
TNT 10/1/2006 p.D1 McMenamin's in Elks
Temple? I'll drink to that
TNT 10/4/2006 p.D1 True love awaits Elks
T.Daily Index 3/5/2007 p.1 At old Elks Temple,
protecting a city treasure while development
rumors swirl (il)
TNT 3/11/2007 p.D1 Historic lodge changes
hands, but what's next? (bldg. purchased by
Williams & Dame Development of Portland)
TNT 4/16/2007 p.A1 Police have one for
Nancy Drew (safe found abandoned on a
downtown street)
TNT 4/20/2007 p.A1 Benevolent and protective
secrets? The old safe found in a downtown
Tacoma street came from the Elks Temple ...
owner plans to open ... (il of safe)
TNT 4/25/2007 p.A1 Tacoma versus the iron
giant (safe empty, except for five paper clips,
some wood chips and a spider) (il) p.D1 Permits
sought for former Elks Temple; the new owner ...
wants permission to repair the structure and
tear down newer additions
T.Daily Index 4/26/2007 p.1 New chapter for
former Elks Lodge (il)
TNT 4/27/2007 p.D1 ... get OK to tear down
TNT 5/3/2007 p.D1 Temple goes from proud
to pillaged (interior il)
T.Weekly 5/3/2007 p.A6 New owners tackle
ultimate fixer-upper
TNT 5/24/2007 p.B1 Old Elks Lodge a
metaphor for city's rebirth
T.Weekly 5/24/2007 p.A7 City lands funding
to repair Spanish Steps (il)
TNT 7/22/2007 p.D1 Not a developer's market
T.Daily Index 7/27/2007 p.1 Momentum
continues for Spanish Steps rehabilitation (il)
TNT 8/29/2007 p.D1 Rebuilding a lodge, piece
by doorknob (interior il)
TNT 10/10/2007 p.D1 1948 annex to old Elks
Temple, target of vandals, torn down
TNT 11/30/2007 p.D1 Foss Waterway tram
plan seems aimed a bit high
T.Daily Index 3/12/2008 p.1 Old Elks Temple
for sale (il)
TNT 3/12/2008 p.A1 Old Elks site again
for sale; "Nothing could be financed"
owner says
T.Weekly 3/13/2008 p.A7 Old Elks Temple
for sale
TNT 4/22/2008 p.B1 Could Elks site be
new home to kids museum?
TNT 5/31/2008 p.A1 From Elks Lodge to
transit hub? Developer could buy Tacoma
building, lease bottom floor to Pierce Transit
TNT 6/3/2008 p.B1 Old Elks Lodge as
transit hub? Keep thinking
T.Weekly 6/12/2008 p.A3 Developer
proposes transit center in Elks Lodge
TNT 6/15/2008 p.D1 Dan Voelpel: Bus
station in Elks temple makes sense
TNT 6/18/2008 p.D1 Elks Temple back
on market
Business Examiner 6/23/2008 p.19 Elks lodge
limbo continues ... (il)
TNT 8/31/2008 p.D1 Tacoma Elks temple
tempts another with its development
potential (The Banerjee Group)
TNT 2/1/2009 p.D1 Once again, a chance to
save the Elks Temple (proposed as senior
housing project)
TNT 7/8/2009 p.A1 Builder plans Tacoma
trifecta; grocery, McMenamins and Elks
restoration has backing (sketch)
TNT 7/10/2009 p.A3 Just one McMenamins
joint and so many gritty Tacoma places to
call home
TNT 7/12/2009 p.A1 McMenamins share
Elks plan; brothers envision hotel with
tropical atrium, Turkish bath, restaurant,
performance hall
T.Weekly 7/16/2009 p.A6 Developers envision
new life for old Elks building (sketch)
TNT 7/22/2009 p.A1 City Council likes Elks
plan - a lot
TNT 7/29/2009 p.A16 Tacoma might build
Elks Temple garage
Business Examiner 8/3/2009 p.23 ... street
improvements played a key role in securing
the deal to save historic Elks Lodge
TNT 9/1/2009 p.A1 History tour - extreme
version (il of Spanish Steps)
TNT 9/6/2009 p.A1 History packaged
as a pub
TNT 9/17/2009 p.A12 McMenamins Elks
plan undeterred
TNT 9/19/2009 p.A1 City may build land
near Elks project
TNT 9/24/2009 p.A10 Elks project gets
green light
T.Weekly 9/24/2009 p.A1 City buys land
next to Elks
T.Daily Index 9/30/2009 p.1 The notes of
Spanish Steps (il)
TNT 10/31/2009 p.A13 Tacoma Elks site
officially in hands of the McMenamins
TNT 12/24/2009 p.A10 McMenamins eyes
2012 Tacoma opening
TNT 2/23/2010 p.A10 Elks project takes
big step ... announce pick of Bellevue builder,
Seattle architectural firm (GLY Construction Co.,
contr. and Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Architects, arch.)
TNT 3/13/2010 p.A15 Elks hotel plans might
shift; Grand Lodge would become event
space with lodging next door
T.Daily Index 4/1/2010 p.1 Tacoma moves
closer to Spanish Steps rehab (il)
T.Daily Index 4/16/2010 p.1 Tacoma's
Spanish Steps to vie for $125K historic
preservation grant (il)
TNT 4/17/2010 p.A1 Hotel site new next
door (sketch)
T.Weekly 4/29/2010 p.A7 Elks hotel rooms
move next door (sketch)
T.Daily Index 5/21/2010 p.1 Contractor
selected for Spanish Steps rehab (Pease
Construction, Inc., contr.) (il)
TNT 6/4/2010 p.A10 Developers go to
social media for ideas (il of model)
TNT 6/15/2010 p.A10 McMenamins'
latest focus group meeting delayed
T.Daily Index 6/16/2010 p.1 Spanish Steps ...
awarded Partners in Preservation grants (il)
TNT 6/16/2010 p.A12 At last, rebirth for
Spanish Steps in near (il)
TNT 7/16/2010 p.A1 Elks Temple would
shine under plan ... design could add solar
panels (il)
TNT 7/18/2010 p.B1 Positive update on
Elks Lodge progress hits the spot
TNT 7/20/2010 p.A7 History hanging in local
living rooms (il or Elks Temple painting)
T.Daily Index 8/24/2010 p.1 Moving forward
on Spanish Steps rehab (il)
T.Daily Index 9/24/2010 p.1 A hall of history;
a glimpse inside the Elks Temple (interior il)
TNT 9/25/2010 p.A13 Elks temple magic
takes 32 big steps; Spanish Steps getting new
top flight because of cracks ... discovered a
vault ... underneath the sidewalk on Broadway (il)
TNT 9/28/2010 p.A1 Huge tree poses
puzzle for Elks Lodge architect (il of monkey
puzzle tree)
TNT 2/22/2013 p.A18 McMenamins moving
forward with Elks site
071 W558W 9/10/1914 (sketch)
(Catalog)979.778 H628H Vol.I p.88

TNT = Tacoma News Tribune
TDL = Tacoma Daily Ledger
T.Times = Tacoma Times

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